More HTC One X images and specs surface ahead of MWC


The Mobile World Congress madness is about to get started. But it would not be the same without a fair share of leaks. And today, we have images and details of one of the most awaited HTC devices – the HTC One X (Previously known as HTC Edge or Endeavor).

We have already seen a bit about this bad boy this morning, as well as a couple of days ago. But this time around we have a flurry of pictures accompanied by a full screenshot of the specifications. Here, you can see all the details we have been hearing of for some months, now, at their full glory.

Specs include a 1.5GHz quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB of RAM, a 4.7-inch 720p display and 32 GB of internal storage. For the rest of the details, check out the specs sheet and the rest of the images below. And let’s sit tight for more details come HTC’s MWC announcement!

[Source: FullGSM.gr Via: BGR]

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  1. T-mobile phone, look at the bands :)

    1. No AWS band so this phone will not work on Tmobile 3G/4G.

      1. The specs listed are for the Europe/Asia version.

    2. Nope, there is no 1700 band.

  2. Sense completely shrouds over ICS..I thought the OEMs were supposed to keep the Holo theme?

    1. Motorola did. I like Sense, but this is nothing like ICS.

      1. I agree, although Sense does bog down devices, it adds beauty to it. That was the only selling point. It is now ruined. Great to see that Motorola kept with Holo theme though, already kissing up to the new boss ;)

  3. so no SD card and no removable battery?  no big deal for me but i know it is for some.  gimped with only 1GB of system RAM.

    i don’t like the design nor do i like Sense Bloat. i really don’t like that app dock.

    no thanks i’ll take the G-Nex.

    1. where does it say no removable battery?

      1. read “Built-In”.

  4. The same was said of the Galaxy Nexus… just because the international version has Tmo bands does not mean it will come to Tmo. Even if it does it will only carry HSPA+ 21 according to this sheet.

    1. I do not mind, by that I meant at least it supports 2g,3g, and 4g so if I want to import it

  5. A quad core T3 4.7″ HD screen device, with Sense… With an 1800mAh non removable battery!? Really… Um, no.  Unless this thing is solar or motion rechargeable, again, um, no. 

    1.  Haha I was about to say the same thing basically. The first thing I looked at was the battery specs, smaller than the gnex? HTC you crazy, when will you learn.
      I also didnt see any claims that the power/unlock button will be pressable after a week.

  6. Thank you HTC for making another phone that looks almost the same, with another small battery, and a heavy does of Sense.


  7. I hope it will still be available in the gunmetal color that the leaks showed. 

  8. If only htc could:
    -put out a device with similar specs only include a razr maxx-ish battery
    -water down sense to at least a touchwiz or blur level of heaviness.
    There are two things that I absolutely require, battery life and an absence of lag.

  9. Saw “built in 1800mah battery” and decided this won’t be my next phone.

    1. Same. Small non-replacable battery (especially with HTCs rep), the “Beats” anti-audio fashion statement, no microSD, a non-OLED display, and Sense over ICS kills it for me. Otherwise, decent specs (but Samsung wins).

    2. Well spotted.  That, coupled with the lack of micro-sd makes this a huge disappointment.  I was sure this would be the replacement for my aging N1, but apparently not.  A non-replaceable battery would be fine if it was a good size, but this one isn’t.

    3. I will never understand how people can be so put off by a built in phone battery. With all the stuff we have today, car chargers, USB chargers, and soon to be wireless chargers, is it really needed to have a removable battery? I’ve never known anybody to carry more than the battery in the phone itself because they’re worried about it dying on them.

      If its a concern it could brake, just make sure you look after your handsets properly. I’ve had over half a dozen phones before (including 3 smart-phones and 1 with in-built battery) and not one has gone bust.

  10. No microSD expandable memory, ICS and RAM hungry Sense all on only 1GB RAM? Ya HTC managed to mess this up, at least for me. I will most likely pass on HTC’s 2012 lineup.

    1. no expandable memory im ok with since its got 32gb already, but dude, have you seen a phone with more than 1gb RAM yet? No, because its not necessary

      1. In my opinion it is necessary, especially for future proofing the phone in the next year. You have ICS and Sense running on 1GB RAM, that’s probably already cutting it close. I don’t want HTC saying “oh sorry you don’t get Jelly Bean upgrade because we can’t fit Jelly Bean and Sense onto 1GB.”

        Been there done that with Samsung and their Touchwiz running on 512mb Galaxy S.

        No thanks, give me 1.2-1.5GB RAM at this point.

        1. RAM ROM.

  11. This phone does not have the AWS band so it will not work on Tmobile USA 3G/4G.

  12. It was an awesome phone until the screen was turned on. Sense looks terrible. Luckily I don’t have to worry about it anyway, since I have Verizon and I just got a Nexus.

  13. Still haven’t seen a reason to upgrade from the original EVO. What a disappointment. Here’s hoping that the rest of the rollout for this year will be more compelling to purchase. Please HTC do something with that ugly ass dock.

  14. WOW ive been all htc since the g1
    my sensation really let me down
    was just playin with my friends mt4g i sold to him (big mistake) such a great phone
    looks liek htc let me down again this phones a fail
    i will be jumping ship to sammy

  15. This phone is screaming fail already
    built in battery? Are you kidding HTC?!?!!!????? YIU GUYS HAVE THE WORST SHODDY BATTERY LIFE OF ALL THINGS ANDROID. and ONLY 1800MAh???!!!!! Haha looks like 2012 is gunna be another htc free year for me

  16. I’d consider buying this phone, but only if the battery life has been improved! I dont mind a tegra3 over a a15 processor phone as long as the battery life is there to back it up

    EDIT: Just saw, 1800mah. NOPE

  17. They are probably going to release this then wait a little while and release variants for Tmobile, Sprint and then wait a little more and release it for Verizon and At&t.

  18. 4PLUS1 is probably the reason for the 1800mAh battery.

  19. I find it strange that everyone is having a go at this for the battery life and no SD card. The Galaxy Nexus, which many people are referring to as their phone of choice, has no SD card, half the storage and a smaller battery. Despite that most reviews describe it as simply the best Android phone available and compliment its battery life. Yes I know the battery isn’t removable but I don’t understand why a removable battery is so important when there’s other easy, portable options like a battery pack.

    How about a little benefit of the doubt until the reviews appear?

    1. Agreed. I don’t just understand the battery fetish that everyone on this comments board seems to be gaining. I have the RAZR. Not the Maxx, just the RAZR, with a 1780mah non-removable battery, and it has never died on me. It can last up to nearly 3 days with moderate use and no charging, sometimes 4. But with the abilities to charge phones these days using car chargers, USB chargers, and soon to be wireless chargers, I just don’t see what all the fuss is about.

      When I travel to work by my car, it takes me about 10 minutes to get there, and 10 minutes back. For the past week since I got my car charger, they are the only times I have been charging my phone, and up until this past Friday, I didn’t even use my home charger. Do people honestly not have between 10-20 minutes a day where they are not even near a USB port? At School? Work? Home?

      I said it on here earlier, and I’ll say it again. I have never known anyone in my life that wanted a gadget that absolutely must have had a removable battery, so that he could carry around more than one battery, in case he wants to go shopping and is scared his phone would die on him…

      EDIT: Solar phone chargers. Forgot to mention those. I know somebody who has one. They seem to work well.

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