Verizon Galaxy Nexus 3-Pin Dock Now Available From Samsung – $90 Price Tag Stings A Little


It’s been a long time coming, but Samsung has finally made available their official landscape dock for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus via their official site. The difference between this and some of those other less official docks is this one comes with the handy 3-pin connectors for less invasive charging of your device while it’s nestled snugly in the dock.

Might wanna ask the Mrs. before buying though, at $90 a pop, official accessories like this don’t come cheap. Hit up the source link if you’re going to take the plunge.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Car dock? No? Moving on.

      1. Okay let me clarify. 3 pin car dock? No? Moving on.

        I have that one. It’s nice, but a hassle to plug the charger and audio jack in every time.

        1. Ya, I was taken by surprise by that as well.  Oh well.

        2. 3 pin car dock? it will shake and jump through your window at the first street corner

          1. Not if it’s hooked in securely by other means as well.  It’s a matter of vision.  I can see what he’s going for.  He means instead of having to plug a power cord in through the side like we do currently, have the power cord built into the dock and the power is transferred through the 3-pin connector.  Aside from that, the phone itself can hook into the dock in a more secure manner, like what we currently have.  Am I right, Enzy?

          2. Exactly. Just take the ports on the back of the dock above and put them into the base of the car dock and use the 3 pins in the same way.

      2. That’s a mount, not a dock.

  2. That’s effin ridiculous! 

  3. The more shocking thing is that there’s a Mrs. Chavez. Many android fangirls(and probably some boys) are now going to cry themselves to sleep tonight.

    1. No no no.. I didn’t mean that I have a Mrs! LOL

      I’m still available. If you’ll have me..  O_o

      1. I’m sorry, Chris, but you’re just not my type. Quentyn, on the other hand…… rawr :-)

      2. He has a ……m.r?


        1. Dun dun duuuun!!

  4. Lol. Fail

  5. I will wait 3 months for it to go on clearance for 30 bucks. The lifespan of Android phones is about 5 months so the Galaxy Nexus will reach EOL soon

  6. That’s a very steep price, doybt many people will buy it for $90.

  7. Does it have blue tooth speakers cause if not it seems like a waste of my hard earned pennies

  8. Will it work as a multimedia type thing? 

  9. Spend 90 bucks…then realize ubuuntu on android requires a hdmi….cry…..spend more on mhl adapter

    1.  Ubuntu does not require HDMI.  You can use VNC, which is quite fast over wifi.

  10. it is already on Back order!

  11. I have 2 arriving tomorrow

    1. u sir are a dumbass. wtf does it do besides charge ur phone

      1. It helps your phone stand up so you can stare at it. Apparently that’s what’s all the rage now and days. Funny that a 21 year old doesn’t know that. *Sar-KaZm*

  12. ZZZzzZZZZzzzZZZzzz

  13. @ these $$$ for docking stations …..When will Bose come out with a docking system for andriod devices. Oh well, my $50 dock w/extra battery handles my Driod Charge’s power needs for now & my Bose Soundlink sounds amazing with an assortment of devices.

  14. A 3 pin dock that does nothing but charge? No media no speakers no nothing? Wtf is the point??? I’d spend $15 maybe $20 Max on this just to check it out. Especially since there’s not even a “dock mode” on the Gnex

    1. Really? All stock Android phones had Dock mode in the Clock App. Are you telling me that it’s gone!?

  15. Rape the people who have money and dont care.  The rest of us will wait until its half off on some deal.  I want a car dock.

  16. Anyone know how to toggle the screen on/off with this?

  17. Priced to stay on the shelf.

  18. Insulting.

  19. And like a true bitch, phandroid refuses call Samsung/Google on highway robbery in this article instead opting to use mild phrases.

  20. This dock is priced just right!!!!! Its a pure Google dock with no ui overlays!!!

  21. I honestly have to wonder if there’s any reason why i couldn’t run a car charger through this thing and use it as a car dock. Other than the fact that this + a charger would make one hell of an expensive car dock!

  22. Ugh.  I have been waiting for this dock since I got the phone when it was launched.  But $90?  I think not.

  23. Holy shit….how do they come up with such groundbreaking revolutionary technology and price it so low ….

  24. Samsung prices stuff so weird.   This is way over priced but the media dock for a tab 8.9 is only about $40 bucks.

  25. alternatively anyone who doesnt want to buy this can buy an adjustable car dock on amazon for under $20 this way u can reuse it with ur next phone. i think those r more valuable anyways. i just sold my n1 today with its car dock and i thought “what a waste of money”

  26. over priced glorified charger.

  27. Really now?! It’s just basically a hard plastic stand that holds and charges the device horizontally and we all know that producing this dock shouldn’t cost this much!!

  28. And the car dock will be coming when exactly???

  29. Too bad, a dock with built-in MHL for HDMI output would have sold me.  Remember though, at Samsung it’s all about selling you your NEXT phone.

  30. This is the same bullshit that Motorola pulled with the Atrix and that ridiculously priced laptop dock.

    Come on Samsung, I expected better from you…

    And I still have to use an MHL adapter with the dock???

    Samsung, you are retarded for not putting in a dedicated HDMI port… especially with a price tag like that… I mean, what the fuck.

    A $90 piece of plastic that literally adds nothing extra to your phone, other than the ability to charge it without having to use the uber invasive method of a micro-usb cord???

    Yeah, fuck you too Samsung.

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