LG X3 to Launch as Optimus 4X HD/T-Mobile G4X?


the LG Optimus X3 is shaping up to be a fine device. Knowing almost everything there could be to know about the device, there are still cloudy areas here and there. One of those areas is the name: we don’t know what this thing will end up being called for store shelves. PocketNow claims to know all that, though.

They’ve heard from a source that LG will market this thing as the T-Mobile G4X in the states and the LG Optimus 4X everywhere else. The number obviously refers to the number of cores that would be inside this beaut – four, to be exact. T-Mobile’s name is due to it being part of the series that started the Android craze here in the United States.

That series is known to have devices with stock Android and very little UI changes so you can expect the US version to follow that same path. This is expected to be shown off at Mobile World Congress and we’re only a few short days away from the event. As always, stick with us as we bring you live coverage of all the goings-on.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This could be what I’ve been looking for in my next phone. As long as they have all of the bells and whistles and I can root it to remove the TMO stuff and enable the stuff that should be there in vanilla Android.

  2. bahahhaah this is great as someone just posted in the blaze thread that t mobile “has teh worst lineup ” first quad core bitchessssssss

    1. T-Mobile does have the worst lineup. This changes very little.

      1. ok then who have the best

        1. Don’t listen to him, he probably owes T-Mobile money or something.  There is no way he’ll see things rationally.

        2. Definitely not Sprint.  Verizon, maybe, Tmo needs some good Motorola phones like Verizon, but then again Tmo has a couple of Quadcore phones in the pipeline, including this one from LG and an HTC as well….

      2. Your mom has the worst lineup.

  3. Uh, so where’s the G3? Where’s my stock android quad core phone with slide out keyboard?

    1.  G3 is HTC’s upcoming phone…

      1. What I was referring to is that this phone is being called the G4X, completely skipping over the G3 which by the way is not HTC’s upcoming phone and has not been announced or had any news leaked about it.

        1. There is no g3x because there are no mobile tri-core phones.

          1. Well seeing as how my G2 has one core I think that your argument might very well be the worst one, ever.

  4. If it’s not as big a mess as the G2x was, this might be what I sell my T989 for.  (The T989 will never have decent software support in spite of being a very nice phone.  I’ve given up on it.)

  5. Lol just another piece of shit from om LG

    1. Cant write it off without getting some use out of it, every manufacturer has made a flop or two….I happen to love my LG, havnt had a single problem with it yet, its stock and actually quite faster than my overclocked HTC MyTouch 4g, which has more RAM but same Snapdragon class.

    2. as a person that hates LG personally…this phone looks really good.. hopefully it’s build quality is good and not too samsung plasticy and its cameras are good and i might just pick this up. 

  6. FUCK YOU LG. You fucked all the G2X buyers over with the stupid random reboots and freezes. Why don’t you fix that before rolling out new phones?

  7. if its anything like the g2x you’ll be pulling the battery four times a day and charging it all day! lol… i’m sticking to samsung or moto when it comes to android from now on!

  8. Isnt the next phone in the G series from htc suppost to be the so called “HTC G-Infinity”? I hope LG doesnt take over the G series line of phones. I really love my G2 and hopefully HTC is gonna surprise us soon with the g-infinity or G3 :)

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