HTC Teases “Something Fast” on Facebook


HTC’s getting the Mobile World Congress hype train rolling. They’ve teased on Facebook that something fast will be unveiled in just five days – the day before Mobile World Congress kicks off. They did it with an image of an HTC-branded phone silhouette with the number “5” on its display. Is it just a countdown or is there more meaning to the image? Who knows, but we’ll be keeping an eye on their Facebook every day leading up to the event to see if they post anything else. Let us know what you guys think in the comments section below.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. 5″ display; competitor to the Galaxy Note

    1. Too bad the bottom is extra big, meaning hardware front-buttons :(
      They should ship with ICS and use software buttons….have it on the Gnex and never missed the non-software variant of those buttons

  2. 5 hours of battery life.    

  3. please be 5in HD display, quad core (thats not a tegra3) and 2000mah+battery. My money would then be theirs…

  4. 5″ galaxy note wannabe… 

    1. Idk, I think something with 2 more cores than the note will probly be better… but its just a hunch.

  5. I would say 5″ display as Note competition

  6. 5incher quad core with LTE coming to Sprint… I’d be all over it

  7. 5 inch quad core please!!! SO close to buying the Note but I just have to hang on to see what this is now…

  8. Well duh there is something fast on Sunday.  The DAYTONA 500!!!

    1. only racing worth watching is F1, my friend

      1. Word!

  9. Or maybe 5 new phones to be introduced?

  10. 5″ IPS HD 720P display, Quad Core Snapdragon, with 2GB of RAM, and a 2 day battery…

    And on Verizon Wirelesss LTE


    1. I just came

  11. Orrrr maybe it’s jus how many days are left…i might be going out on a limb here. Haha

  12. Nothing running Sense will ever be fast.

  13. when i see 5 all i can think of is 5 shitty smartphone they gonna release in the next 5 months still rocking a sensation and a G note.
    my sensation 4G is running ICS
    i wont buy any HTC crap unless they work on build quality and stuff

    1. I can never quite get the HTC hate, They are *ALWAYS* really high on the ‘to consider’ list every time I get some new tech.

    2. I like the name g note… I might buy one just so I can say this…

  14. Lets hope to phone has a physical camera button a& better recording microphone as htcs are mostly tinny.

  15. Tegra 3 actually has 5 cores.  I can only imagine an announcement like this would include it if they’re emphasizing “something fast”.

    1. it never uses more than 4 at a time though. And only thr four main ones actually do any “heavy lifting”, the 5th is usually only on when the screen is off, or used for syncing

  16. Just another sense android phone with 90% similar design.

  17. We know it’s not Sense lol

  18. Cinco-core, 5″ screen made of transparent tungsten carbide coated titanium that can handle 5,000 g’s before warping or scratching, 2.5ghz, 2.5 gigs of ram, 555ppi resolution, 5,000mah battery, 5-mode (CDMA, GSM, LTE, HSPA+, 5G), world phone, built in 5-mode radio (AM, FM, XM, Sirius, HD), 5.0 jelly bean, waterproof, 64 gig internal +64 gig card?

    1. -__- Dont tease us like that

    2.  Hah. It’d be penta-core, btw.

      And that’s my bet: that it’s just Tegra 3 (with the 5th low-power wheel). I doubt we’ll be seeing any more 5″ phablets at MWC, but I’d like to be wrong.

    3. Oooops…..yeah not up with the 5’s I guess!

    4. ever seen irobot?

  19. tegra 3 has 5 cores total 

  20. Hmm, I know Motorola usually has the “Droid” names reserved for them, but I wonder if this is the Droid Fighter that is supposedly going to be released mid-April.

  21. Who cares.  Iphones are the best. Seriously, this site is heavily biased towards Android. I wonder why. How about fair reporting?

    1. Amateur troll is amateur.

    2.  It’s an Android blog. Why in the world would it cater to the opposing operating systems? If you want fair reporting, go to some other site.

  22. Capacitive or physical buttons > on screen buttons.

    1. Physical buttons >>>> capactive > on screen

  23. @Rita, it is called PhANDROID. What would you expect?

  24. I’d take the S4 over the Tegra 3 any day. Better performance and battery life.

  25. 5″ Flyer

  26. 1drumshark – I’m a huge f1 fan, but to say its the only racing worth watching is crazy!

  27. Fast Five!

  28. Five finger discount

  29. EVO DOS

  30. And it’s at least a countdown since 5 days away, but yes, could be a 5″ … Hopefully coming to Sprint.. A true EVO 4G successor.

  31. What’s up with all the multi-core hype?  Phandroid showed in yesterday’s post a Qualcomm dual core that roasted the other processors, and promised battery thrift to boot.

  32. 5 core processor phone (4 plus 1)
    With no sd card storage
    Pumped up by offering 5GB free dropbox storage
    That if the phone lands On Verizon, that they will probably block Access to…

  33. Guys, It does not matter how good (or shitty) this phone would be, Iphone and Samsung sect would still hate and crucify it! World is full of irrational haters… 

  34. Haha would be so cool if this is finally the so called G-Infinity or the G3

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