Panasonic Bringing Even More Than We Thought to Mobile World Congress?


While we’ve already caught wind of a nice Panasonic smartphone set to be shown off at Mobile World Congress, the Eluga, we apparently have more to look forward to then that. That’s the word of Pocket-Lint, anyway, who claims to have gathered information regarding a couple more devices headed straight for Barcelona.

One of those devices is a dual-core Android phone which Pocket-Lint says is even more premium than the Eluga. We’re not sure if he means in both specs and design, but they also mentioned that the device would be using a new display technology developed by Panasonic, as well as LUMIX technology for its camera. (LUMIX is its digital camera brand.)

We’re also said to be getting a new tablet, too. It appears Panasonic is serious about entering the Android atmosphere in a strong way but we’ll have to wait to get our hands on all of this before getting too excited. All of it is said to be in attendance this Monday at Mobile World Congress so expect coverage from yours truly.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Lets hope a Lumix Phone will have a Xenon flash aswell as a led light.!

    1. One thing not yet thoroughly developed is a slim smartphone with optical zoom….that would be nice if possible.  An option to attach a lense would be interesting as well.  Their point and shoot cameras are great.  Waiting for this one next month (I’ve always liked sony phones because they focus on their cameras):


  2. we have all the major brands sorny, panofonic.

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