Next-gen Blur showcased in new Ice Cream Sandwich leak for the Motorola Droid RAZR


A new Android 4.0.3 build has leaked for the Motorola Droid RAZR bringing its software to version 6.7.407. The catch? It isn’t freely available to download just yet. Instead we are being treated to a series of screen captures that show off the extent of Motorola’s UI customizations. Surprisingly, the Ice Cream Sandwich core hasn’t changed much, with Motorola’s skin seemingly less pervasive than before. Despite new icons and a few remapped applications such as the dialer and camera the OS update should look quite familiar to anyone accustomed to ICS. You can check out more details and a full gallery of pics over at the source link below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. Blur….FAIL

    1. Far from. Blur lately has been better. My RAZR that I had was awesome, and Blur was almost exclusively in the background, and my new D4 is just as good. Blur hasn’t been bad since the D2, which was awful. People need to catch up, this is 2012, where Moto isn’t bluring all over their phones.

    2.  Smartphone hipster fail

  2. Well, this sounds more hopeful than expected. Maybe Blur won’t be the WORST customization out there. That’s a good thing especially since they’re all but owned by Google now.

    1. Blur hasn’t been the worst UI out there in a while. The latest examples on the RAZR & D4 & Bionic have actually been quite good, and all these builds were pre-google purchase.

      1. Oh. That’s good to hear. I don’t have any first-hand experience since I owned a Cliq. I’ve had Nexus devices since then. I’m glad to hear that Moto is figuring out what their customers want.

      2. I just don’t see the point of Blur anymore.  I had a Cliq and a Cliq2, but my LG G2x running CM7 has all the integration that Blur does as long as I have the apps installed that I want “Blurred”.  Example: BLur lets you access features from social media sites/ apps by setting up accounts, but if you just install the app in vanilla android, you achieve the same result with a much more responsive UI.

        I thought I loved Blur, until I lived without it.  Now I don’t see that it ever had any benefits.

  3. Good job Moto

  4. Looks much better in my opinion than touchwiz. I wish Samsung would hire an everyday person to design their ui.

  5. Glad to see that they’re going for a more stock skin.  Maybe there is hope for Motorola after all.  

  6. :)  I can’t wait to get ICS on my Bionic.  These people can hate all they want, but nobody builds phone that are as “solid” as Motorola does.

  7. That’s what launchers are for….right?…To hide the default OS look?

  8. If Blur is that much less intrusive on stock ICS than it used to be, why is it gonna take so long to update their phones?

  9. blur went from being the worst skin out there to one of the best imo.  love that really all this is, is a icon change

  10. I hope this comes to att verizon already to many razr in their lineup

  11. Imagine this with the Atrix 3

    1.  Oh jeeze…I literally can’t wait.

  12. Sold my Bionic for a Nexus. Love what Motorola is doing, but I love the Nexus so much more.

  13. Why does everyone see MOTOBLUR and assume it’s a nightmare? Its on the RAZR and is not intrusive at all, it actually improves the experience, makes sharing things easier etc.
    But can I ask, how many of the haters have actually used the new Blur?
    Thought so…

  14. I just read Timothy’s post. And ironically, i’m the opposite. I loved the stock android on the Milestone, but after getting the Blurred RAZR, I think it brings something to the party…

  15. Still bullshit without unlocked bootloader. Ill never buy a moto nor recommend anyone any moto phone

  16. What good does anything do so long as ICS seems to be as realistically likely to appear on any Moto products as me finding the Holy Grail.  Moto has been promising ICS for many months and then they come out with their vaporware timetable.  Have really lost face in Moto and I have used virtually nothing but their products for well over 40 years.  Hope Google can get them straightened out ASAP 

  17. Could we possibly be seeing the first effects of the Google purchase of moto??

    Google may be “suggesting” to their newly acquired department that they prefer stock Android

  18. Looks great so far, aside from the tiny caller ID on the caller screen. I thought big high res pics were one of the great features of ICS, why would moto want to take that away? Its nice to see theyre heading in the right direction though. 

  19. i wish there were more pictures, it’s hard to tell if i like this version of blur just based off two pictures. though i probably won’t have a problem with it, i never had a problem with blur before (at least, the version on my droid X,i hated it when motorola first started using it)

    1. Why don’t you click on the link at the bottom of the article?  It has several pics…

      1. great scott!! you’re right!!!!

        1. lol your welcome!

  20. Just get the nexus. Stock android is the way to go.

  21.  kill yourself….all of yourself

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