Get These High-Quality “Androidified” Cases For Your Galaxy Nexus Before They Sell Out


It’s not everyday you’re able to find high-quality Android branded cases on the cheap but tonight may be your lucky night. Cruzer Lite’s “Androidified” soft gel cases are finally in stock (I had it marked on my calendar) and available via

These guys feature everybody’s favorite Bug Droid (I call him Andy) branded along the back of a thermoplastic polyurethane casing that feels like a firmer, more flexible type of plastic. I prefer TPU cases over plastic (which can scratch) and silicone (which doesn’t slide into my pocket easily) and I’ve found them to be cut thinner but provide equal or better protecting than the previously mentioned materials.

They come in just about every color and shade under the sun like smoke, clear, red, blue, teal, purple and white (the flat yellow is my personal fave). At only around $10, these fly off Amazon’s virtual shelves so you guys had better hurry if you’re looking to pick one/some up. Cruzer Lite even offers a buy-2-get-1-free deal by entering BUY2GONE code during checkout. Link to Cruzer Lite’s Amazon store below. Good luck!

[Cruzer Lite on Amazon]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. i stopped using case now. i switched over to skin. 

    1. Like… lamb skin? O_o

        1. I plan to upgrade to dragonscale soon though.

          1. I’m partial to using the Dragonhide spell

    2. I’ve had it on my Vibrant and realized that case is still better because I can switch them around to fit my day or mood.

      Skin is cool before I got bored of the look.

    3. Those stick on skins provide very little protection or grip, though. And there’s no lip on the front side to place your phone face down.

      1. The question is, why do I want to put my phone face down haha. It might not offer grip, but it offer much more style to choose from. I found 3 web sites and each had their own styles.

        1. You place your phone face down when:
          1) using speaker phone hands free so the speaker isn’t muffled.
          2) to quickly put the phone in a silent mode (using tasker)
          3) you don’t want to turn off the screen breaking done apps, and you want to hide what you’re doing (boss/wife/teacher)
          4) accidents
          5) kids

          1. those 5 things might apply to you or the others, but not me. that is why not everyone like to use skin. 

            if i want to hide something, a quick press on the power button will do. 

            accident happens, but for the last 2 years (since my 1st android phone) i dont recall any accident happen on my phone. most of the time, the phone will be inside my pocket. i dont like leaving expensive stuff outside of my reach, even most trusted friend’s house.  

  2. damn, those are cool. i wish they made them for the nexus s.

    1. I know, I saw some cool ones for the Droid Razr with little Android patterns but still nothing for the GSII =*(

  3. cant beat it for 10 bucks. just ordered mine. 

  4. I’ve been debating it for a week now, this article pushed me over. Got a clear, smoke, and teal. Wanted black but it wasn’t eligible for Prime.

    1. strange how some are prime and others are not, plus the code doesnt work at all….bought them anyway!

      1. Code didn’t work for me either.
        Perhaps the promotion has ended already? Either way I’m snatching a couple ^_^

        Update: Code now worked. I had to buy two different colors, not the same. Also I added an extra. so I’m actually getting 3 for the price of 2.

  5. From what I can tell, these work with the LTE version of the GNex. Anyone know if it fits well on the GSM version?

    1. yup i bought three of them with the code, and they fit like a glove and look very nice too

      1. Thanks. Just ordered one.

  6. It also works with the LTE Extended battery and back. I’m using it and it works pretty well. 

  7. I have had this case for weeks now..I have a smoke one and a green one. They are the best cases!

  8. Every time I enter the code at checkout it says cannot be applied to my purchase! I already have one l, but could use different ones to spice up the appearance. Great cases btw! Sad the code doesn’t work though

    1. The code doesn’t work unless all three choices are in stock.

  9. No offence, but I think it’s ugly…okay not ugly, but not it takes away from the beauty that is the phone’s design……
    I’ll just hope a good new cool battery cover will be released…..

    cases and skins may protect my phone, 
    but carefull handling is better on the eye!

    1.  Sure… just like how it’s “cooler” to ride a motorcycle without a helmet. Cool corpses.

      1. No, more in the kind of way, of looking both ways before you cross a street instead of wearing knee-pads, a helmet, shin-protectors, elbow-protectors and then crossing without looking to see if a car is coming.

        Same with my LG Viewty and the Nexus One I had before my GNexus….had them both for about 2 years each and dropped them approximately once a year resulting in NO visible (or invisible) damage to either phones…..the only thing about my Nexus One that indicates it has been used for that long is the one speck of dust between the screen and the metal body of the phone, that I CBA to get out. (Oww and the fact that the battery lasts about 25% less, but that has more to do with using the battery for 2 years instead of dropping the phone)

        Common sense and careful handling does prevent unnecessary damage to your phone.

  10. kind of cool, kind of pointless considering the backside of your phone always sits on a table.

  11. Thanks for the heads up! Just go 3 of em!

  12. Just purchased 3.  Code didn’t work, maybe all 3 have to be same color?  Still a good buy. 

  13. I like these, I got mine yesterday. The issue I had with the B2G1 was the sellers.. there’s Cruzer Lite and Cruzer Lite Wireless… when I had two from one and the color I liked from the other it wouldn’t work for me.

  14. They work with both LTE and GSM and they have sold out and come back a few times like a month ago when Droid-Life talked about them and everything but pink was sold out.

  15. It appears the BUY2GONE code doesn’t work unless it is purchased from ”
    Cruzer Lite Wireless “.  Simply being shipped from Cruzer Lite doesn’t count.  

    Amazon needs to fix this code.  

  16. Just got 3, code worked great plus free prime shipping – awesome..slickdeal..oops wrong site :-)

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