Cloud Music Sniper Will Let You Play Your Google Music Collection With Any Music App


Google Music, while awesome in that you can store all your music in the cloud and stream onto any device, is inherently flawed. Music, whether streamed from the cloud or store offline can only be played using the Google Music application and nothing else. But what if you wanted to listen to some of that stored music in another music application? Well, up until now, you couldn’t — that is, until Cloud Music Sniper.

Cloud Music Sniper gives the user the ability to access their Google Music collection for playback in the music app of their choosing by “sniping” Google Music’s cached library. That means all the music you’ve stored “offline” using Google Music can be played in PowerAMP, CyanogenMod’s music player, stock music player — wherever. All the id3 info is fully intact with album artwork to boot.

If you guys wanna give it a spin, Cloud Music Sniper can be found right now in the Android Market for the very reasonable price of $2. Anyone going to give this app a shot?

[Market Link | Via RootzWiki]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Haha, a shot, I get it XD

  2. Well, this is interesting. However, the problem here is that you can only access music that has been already downloaded by Google Music. You don’t get access to music that’s still in the cloud. I’d call this a partial victory.

    1.  Google needs to open the API, and store the music it downloads better.

    2. thats why you have to make it offline first. its not a streaming app itself.

  3. Andddddd purchased.  Thanks for another excellent post, Chris!  P.S. I love how Raveesh and Edgar are posing on weekends, but Raveesh should make sure to check his grammar more carefully.  It would be cool if that could be passed on. 

    1. Shut up! 

  4. Still no way to auto-sync all your music from the cloud to your phone…grrrrrrrr

  5. Why is this relevant, there’s an app called Google Music Importer that does this exact same thing and I’ve had it since December.

    1. I was going to mention that.  GMI works great and the developer is great about answering emails.  

      1. Can you give a link I couldn’t find it while searching

          1. But now its $4.29, so this is no better and cms

  6. force closes a lot 

  7. sounds good….oh wait Google Music is STILL only available in the USA!

  8. I see no point to be completely honest.
    It doesnt have access to your music files in the cloud, only the ones already on your device so…. You might as well just put your song on your memory card and use whatever music app you want to begin with…………. o_O?

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