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This past Sunday saw the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T. While their LTE-equipped version has Snapdragon instead of Exynos (due to those aforementioned radios), plenty of people are still excited for the 5.3 inch smartphone. Folks over at AndroidForums.com have already bought the device and are discussing things such as accessories, 4G speeds, call quality and more.

If you want to partake in all this good discussion be sure to head to the Galaxy Note LTE section of AndroidForums.com, and be sure to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Oh, and our review was posted today – see what Chris has to say about the device that’s almost too big to real.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Review [UPDATE: Now With Full Video Review]

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  1. Saw this in person for the first time today… It’s huge, I’m not saying I don’t want one, but really, if I had to choose between the note or an sgsii or gnex, I don’t think I’d go with the note. It is huge, still cool though.

  2. I remember seeing an imported Galaxy Note in the hands of this one guy at Fry’s Electronics. I thought it was a small tablet but now I see it’s the Note. 

  3. Perfect asian PMP + phone capabilities, what else do you want!

  4. You’re holding it wrong.

  5. Played with one yesterday at the AT&T store.  Omgz want!

  6. I looked at one on release day and think it’s a great idea. My problem is that touchwiz is really annoying to me ever since I bought my gsm galaxy nexus. Wish this were an htc product with sense, better yet would be for it to have been stock ics.

  7. Just left Verizon for AT&T and the Samsung Galaxy Note — just a few
    hours into it being my main phone (I had the initial Motorola Droid and
    will take some time getting familiar to the virtual keyboard but have
    lot screen to work with).

    Like the pen input and hope to be able to get used to going to that to capture notes.

    Out of the box I like it.

    What tools/apps do you recommend as I have jumped on the Note?


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