Lytro technology would be amazing for smartphones? How about Lytro video


The revolutionary Lytro camera is one of the most impressive gadgets we have seen lately. Its light field technology captures the direction of all light in every dimension, allowing users to focus the image after the fact. We know that Lytro is not discarding the possibility of bringing this technology to smartphones, and if that happens, it would be great, because Lytro is also considering working with video.

According to Lytro CEO Ren Ng, this video capture is not completely off the table. The main issue is that processing as much data as the Lytro camera produces is not possible at the moment. But with the right processor, it could be done.

Processing technology is advancing fast. Smartphones are about to be released with quad-core processors, and we can only imagine what we will see next year. It would surely be amazing to see such technology come to high-end smartphones, not only with images, but with video, as well.

Let’s not hold our breath on this one just yet, though. If it happens, it will not be anytime soon, so let’s get hyped up about coming products, instead. This is just food for thought.

[Source: Tech Crunch Via: Engadget]

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  1. Just throw a Tegra 3 up in that shit :)

  2. I’m down for anything that can make my phone realistically replace a point-and-shoot. Any video improvements are also welcome!

    Imagine this tech coupled with the new S4 snapdragons :D

    1. Um…? If the processor for your phone would be able to handle a point-and-shoot camera, don’t you think the processor of an actual camera would be better suited for taking pictures? I mean everything inside the camera would be geared toward the perfect picture.

      I get what you’re saying, but in order for cellular picture quality to increase, the actual camera has to get better first.

      I don’t think phones will ever replace a camera. One of equal quality of course and not a disposable one. LoL!!

      Imagine disposable digital cameras. LoL!!

      1. They already have disposable digital cameras.

        1.  They are branded Kodak.

          1. HaHa, burn

  3. I just wonder how big a picture is that holds the focussed details of all the objects.

  4. wait, so smartphone ARM processors cant handle that much data? Does this company do video for x86 processors or just not do video at all?

    1. The lytro camera only shoots photos.

  5. Let’s first see the lytro pics in phones and only after that you’re alLowed to dream on video.

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