Huawei continues to tease us with its “fastest smartphone yet”


Huawei has a bad reputation for releasing phones only low-end devices. We mostly see them with carriers like Metro, Cricket or Boost Mobile. But the Chinese company in in the middle of transitioning to a high-end products market strategy. They will be competing with the big boys now, and are about to announce the Huawei Ascend D1 Q at Mobile World Congress.

The team may not have the best naming strategy, but we have to say that things don’t look bad for Huawei’s future. We checked out the Huawei Ascend P1 S, which is the thinnest device around, measuring at 6.68mm of thinness. The device looks great, and perform amazingly smooth, even compared to high-end devices from popular brands.

The new Ascend D1 Q will be announced next Sunday, so the company is only giving us quick glimpses at this device. It is not looking bad, though. And the build quality is looking much like that of HTC smartphones (which are known for great build quality). We will have to wait until MWC to see more details, but do expect some improved releases from Huawei, from now on. Check out the images and let us know what you think.

It might be hard for Huawei at first, though, due to its reputation. Do you guys think you would switch to Huawei if they proved to be a good competitor?

[Via: Unwired View]

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  1. Looks pretty awesome. Wouldn’t mind one but my GNex is the king until the next Google phone comes out at the end of the day!

  2. If they offer great support and good hardware build quality, I might actually consider them for my next phone. That and they prove to have a truly highend, no compromises phone.

  3. Huawei for the next Nexus?

  4. 3000+ MAH battery and im good

  5. I can’t due to their possible political issues. Google already steals my info, I don’t want a Chinese company doing the same

  6. Not unless they change their company name

  7. Why are there all these attachments?

  8. Huawei developer support is non-existent, at least in English.

    So almost no aftermarket ROMs. So no Huawei for me unless that improves.

  9. Dude! You are so lucky you don’t have naked pictures of your wife/girlfriend in that folder. Could you imagine how pissed she’d be if you did and accidentally shared them with the entire Phandroid readership? LMAO. It’d be epic!

  10. I wouldn’t want a phone from a manufacturer whose name I can’t even pronounce.

    “What phone is that you have there?” “It’s the guaway Ascend P1 S”

  11. Fastest Smartphone?… Haiwei.. you mean, fastest in rock bottom? Yeah! It is! Haiwei SUCK! Sorry offense!

  12. I would get it, huawei made my first android, So I have a special place in my heart for them. I also had tons of roms to choose from.

  13. Oh and it’s pronounced. Wah-weigh.

  14. I’m sticking with my new Galaxy Nexus. Samsung is looking like the top of the android game right now.

  15. Wow, some xenophobes on here. As long as they make a good quality, high specced phone at a reasonable price, I will be considering it.

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