Verizon Wireless Workers Receiving Bonuses Today


Today is bonus day for Verizon Wireless workers! Some odd 82,000 employees will be getting a bonus of 6%-10% of their base salary following a strong fourth quarter and a strong 2011 overall. On top of that, workers will begin to receive merit raises of 2.5%. While this news may not seem pertinent to you or I, it’s nice to know that the leading carrier in America takes care of its employees, which translates to hard work and great service.

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  1. So I know more then most VZW employees, do I get a piece of that action? lol

  2. As long as its not the Verizon workers who striked that got the bonuses.  Those lawless hooligans deserve nothing but scorn for their antics this last year.

    (Yes I know they were not VZW workers, but the Verizon Telecom ones)

    1. Yeah, God forbid workers stand up for themselves. Moron.

      1. Stand up for themselves by vandalizing private property and illegally detaining private citizens?

        Yeah, that is really moronic.
        Go strike – fine, whatever.  Don’t hide your illegal activities behind your union-sponsored “workers rights” agendas.

      2. The morons are the ones who can’t strike or protest in a civilized way. This is why many of us dislike unions.

      3. i love how everyone is on the anti union bandwagon. i say anyone who dislikes unions should go back to working 15hr days, no breaks, no health benefits and a less than livable wage. then they may appreciate workers standing up for their rights.

        1.  If ti were not for unions we would not have outsourced hundreds of thousands of jobs for cheaper labor .
          Unions are Marxist and Mafia born , read about their history , unions are not something a honest American wants to be part of .

          1. Chuckles had a point, unions WERE (past tense) influential in establishing some of the modern day regulations in the workplace.  

            However, now that those standards are established – what are unions good for?

          2. they offer job security, and prevent a company from abusing their employees. the company i work for is a good company, but if not for my union i would have been fired along time ago. not for anything i did but just because a manager at a location i was at had it out for me. when i got my notice me and a union rep went to the main office. we got my job back and the manager got dealt with. 

          3. Chuckles87 forgets that unions lost 600,000 jobs in Detroit , if that is job security I ‘ll pass .
            Chuckles comment is just like the thugs you run into in a union . “Union rep” , “dealt with” , sounds Mob like to me .

          4. outsourcing jobs has nothing to do with unions. any company that is willing to outsource jobs for “slave labor” is not one that cares about the community they serve or their workers, and one should not support these companies. this is also one of the reasons i do not support apple.

          5.  I look at this way , Unions have done their job and work laws now are in place so there is no longer a need for antiquated Unions .
            And yes Unions did have a impact on outsourcing of jobs , like it or not .
            Oh and Unions are the very definition of Un-American .
            Supporting unions is like supporting the largest Gang in America . Not something I do is to support a Gang .

          6. You rock brother! I a proud member of the TEAMSTERS local 848! And you are soo
            Right, people who hate unions are the ones who have no health benefits for free,and have to put on fake smiling faces wheneagover a manager walks on by. Two years ago my new boss tried his best to can me and he could not! I also got a 10.000 settlement from the company because of him.and he was demoted!

    2. Actually vz telecom do also get the bonuses.

  3. That would explain the 4G outages lmao

  4. And higher prices !! But I’m glad the employees are being taken care of in these rough times

  5. now is a good time to ask for something extra if you are buying a new phone from them… Happy employees are more likely to help ya out ;)

  6. when will that translation start? nevermind, i left them for sprint at the advent of android when their standard policy was to talk down to anyone inquiring about it, refuse to give any information and look at them like something that just crawled up from a swamp and started speaking to them in martian. funny thing, while they “didn’t know anything” about android, Sprints customer service was very helpful and even called me up once they had a store unit in that i could put my hands on(at which time Vz reps, ALL that i spoke to, still pretended they couldn’t even spell android and acted like i was rambling like an escapee from a mental asylum when i mentioned it). even if Sprint messed up royally(so far they’ve been great) VZ would have to do quite a bit to prove themselves if they ever wanted to be my provider again. 

  7. Telecom workers bonuses were paid today too. Bonus day for everyone! One should note this isn’t a special bonus, it’s part of the normal compensation/salary where a you have a target bonus range and based on performance a portion of that is paid.

  8. This just in, Verizon Wireless employees getting a bonus of 10% of the amount of RAZR sales minus 10% of the amount of Nexus sales they completed in the past 3 months.

  9. So now they make 12 bux an hour.  How generous.

  10. I guess this explains all the hookers hanging out around 140 West Street in New York today.  And the street vendors selling beluga and Cristal.

  11. It’s funny how they can give bonuses and say they great employers but in the meantime the CEO is making deals with Time Warner / Comcast to give their technology (FIOS) to them in order to dismantle the wireline part of the company.

  12. Good to know that’s why my bill increased this month without me make any changes to my service.     

  13. Dear verizon,

    I don’t mind you taking care of your employees. Good thing actually… but.

    We want some love too. And not the kind you give when you bend us over.



  14. Well, you’re right about it being bonus day, but your figures are a little low. :)

  15. While the employees get a ‘bonus’…. the customers get a ‘BONE-US!’…… HEY VERIZON….. GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS A BREAK.

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  17. Whatever the reason these printable coupons or Printapons exist and it is valid to use them, although it can skew the marketing research for which they were intended.

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