Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Adventure Coming Soon To (Some) Android Devices


If I told you video games weren’t always about shooting hookers and chopping off zombie limbs, you’d look at me like I was madman. But it’s true. Back in my day, adventure games were all the rage and Time Schafer was one of the brilliant minds bringing these titles to life with games like Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island.

Seeing how major video game publishers aren’t exactly lining up to throw money into another adventure title, Tim and his team at Double Fine Studios have taken to Kickstarter to gain the necessary funding from fans all around the world who would be willing to shell out the money for a new point-and-click adventure. The good news is, Double Fine has raised well above the money needed to get the project rolling hitting a little over $1,900,000 of their $400,000 goal. The better news? Now that they have the necessary funding, Double Fine will be walking us through the entire project as they develop Double Fine Adventure with an eventual release on just about every platform — including Android.

See? It’s not all “patent this” and “sue them” in the tech world. Every now and again, the stars align and people all over the world can join together and fight for something they truly love. Way to go, Double Fine!

Tim also made a pretty hilarious Kickstarter video that you can watch by following the link below. Anyone else excited about this?


Chris Chavez
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  1. Time Schaefer? Might want to fix the headline. 

    1. Even after you told me, I read it like 5 more times and didn’t see it…. xD

      1. LOL! Someone needs some sleep!

        1. Time. Double Fine. Easy to get mixed — ahhh, who am I kidding. I bring you no excuses, Scott. Only shame -_-

          1. LOL, it’s okay, you have cool hair, that’s all that matters. 

          2. He’s got some big hair is what he’s got. You must look funny when you come out of the shower.

  2. Fabuuuuuuuuuuulous….cannot wait :)

  3. Can’t wait to see that one. Never understood why companies just stopped making adventure games. Was so glad when the guys from Lucasarts founded Telltale Games and started making those beloved games again. (Now if they could only port them to Android.)

    1. I guess like everything else, they weren’t as profitable. Once PC’s got more powerful, and graphics got kicked up, people wanted something new. There were a hanfful that were released, but not like they heyday. 

      As for releasing them on Android, if the iOS ports are any indication, I wouldn’t want them. Graphically nice, but controls left a lot to be desired.

  4. I always wondered why there aren’t more adventure games for the Android.  They should release all the classic Sierra games and Monkey Island.

    1. I take it you dont use Steam, where as most of these games have already been rereleased. ;)
      There’s also SCUMMVM.   Look into it if you still have your old games, which I do.

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