Gamevil Introduces Baseball Superstars 2012 For Android – All New HD Graphics and Improved Gameplay



I’ve never been one for sports titles, but you don’t have to be a sports junkie to appreciate arcade type titles like Gamevil’s Superstars Baseball 2012. All new and improved for Android, Gamevil gives BS the same HD treatment as the recently released Zenonia 4, with big, bright, colorful new graphics — even throwing in new playmodes and improved controls with enhanced computer AI. The game now has a very Japanese style flare to it, with anime inspired Gundam and Japanese schoolgirl “Super Players” making their way into the roster.

With Gamevil’s current trend of updating their hottest franchises, let’s hope we’ll see an update to Soccer Superstars in the coming weeks. If you guys want to give Baseball Superstars 2012 a swing, you can find it for free right now in the Android Market. Let me know how you guys like it.

[Market Link]

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  1. Market must be down cause it’s not letting me download.

  2. Unfortunately all of these freemium games are a shame. They require access to messaging and internet so they can send you messages whenever they want. Gameloft does this as well. I was able to download RF2012 and received a text message at 11pm then another at 6am. I don’t see this any different then a telemarketer calling after 9pm which according to law is illegal. I no longer download free games based on the permissions they require. It’s unfortunate games have taken this route. I hope this changes. I’d rather pay then be bothered by unwanted in game purchases and ridiculous texts.

    1. Yeah, that would suck. I’ve noticed a lot of freemium games doing that too. 

      The good news is, there’s still a lot of them that don’t do that. 

      Haven’t gotten anything from Baseball Superstars 2012 yet. 

  3. Yes “yet” is the key word. With the right permissions it’s easy for them to do want they want.

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