HTC Confirms More North American Phones for Ice Cream Sandwich


HTC took to Facebook today to confirm that more of their phones would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. They called it the “North America edition” because all of these devices can be had on the illustrious continent. We’ve got the Rezound, which was already confirmed, alongside the DROID Incredible 2, the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Rhyme – it’s pretty much a Verizon affair, here. Above the US borders, Canadians who use Rogers and Bell’s HTC Raider will also be seeing the upgrade to Android 4.0. Unfortunately, we get no release window but at least we know that these devices will be getting them (and I’d bet a pretty penny that they’ll be getting them this year). [HTC Facebook, Thanks Doug!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. what about the g2? arrgh

    1. give it up that thing is ancient

      1. So are the other devices listed. Also, T Mobile is selling the G on their site. 

        1. Others are kind of new except the thunder bolt but the g2 is the oldest. Damn wasn’t aware they were still selling that thing

      2. They could at least release the drivers so we can get the camera working properly.

        1. Yea that’s always broken on ROMs. Hopefully they release the my touch 4g ones so my wife can enjoy ics. Damn camera is not working on the ics ROM and she needs it

          1. I have pictures working as long as I have the camera set to VGA, but that’s no way to live!

          2. vga? thanks but no thanks

    2. There was a mention of more news to come. 

  2. So no ICS for the Infuse HTC on AT&T. Just glad I didn’t buy a HTC phone always no support for AT&T

    1.  lol the infuse is a Samsung phone

      1. but why isn’t HTC supporting it?

    2. I believe you meant the Inspire.

    3. are u serious ? its ur phone and u dont even know. the infuse is a samsung phone u probably meant  the inspire

      1. My bad just got angry on some phones that doesnt get the update. N forgot it was the the Inspire not the infuse.

  3. The thunderbolt!!?? This makes my reasons for getting a gnex invalid now.

  4. I’ve had ics on my sensation for a while now. it’s pretty slick.

  5. Oh shit the thunderbolt is getting ICS

  6. That sound you hear is lots of happy Thunderbolt owners.

  7. HTC, thank you! bravo. I might just hold on to the ol thunderdolt a bit longer than expected now. Just when I’m ready to ditch you, you pull me right back in!

    SIde note: Looks like my big maxx vs nexus decision will get to simmer a bit longer….good, that time extension will give ebay more time to increase its selection for my cheap arse!

  8. I’m happy the thunderbolt is getting an official update but I don’t expect it any time soon

  9. the thunderbolt ehh? impressive htc I must say, I had discounted any chance of getting an ICS update for the thunderbolt.

    1. I was holding out for it, but I didn’t think it would actually come. I’m excited.

  10. What about the G2? I mean, I’ve never run stock, anyway, but having all the right drivers would be great.

  11. No Evo 3D?

    1. we have already been confirmed no worries, the 3d will soar to new heights on the shitty network we have grown to love…

  12. So HTC can manage to get ICS on the Dinc2 and the Thunderbolt but Samsung can’t do the oh-so-successful Galaxy S?

    What’s really real?

    1. The galaxy s has a weaker cpu and less RAM than those two phones

  13. I’ll take that bet. I don’t think that the thunderbolt gets the update. After the gingerbread fiasco, I’m convinced that there is something about the hardware that is flawed.

    1.  I wouldnt bet against you but I hope youre wrong.

  14. Hey, that picture isn’t of an ice cream sandwich, that is an ice cream cookie. How could you make a mistake like that?!

  15. Lolwut? You obviously don’t own a thunderbolt. The hardware is the best single core phone. The software had been the issue. I’m looking forward to ics for the bolt, after everything we’ve been through with this phone, we deserve it.

    1. Best single core processor is close to acurate (Exynos 311 aka Humminbird is arguably better), the problem is the Thunderbolt was outdated by the time that it was released. It came out the same time as everyone else was releasing dual core phones. Did you know that your Thunderbolt has the same processor (except with the built in GSM chipset) as my Mytouch 4G that came out like 8 months earlier?

  16. Why does HTC keep ignoring the MYtouch 4G Slide aka the Doubleshot???? It is one of the best high end sliders out.

  17. If the thunderbolt makes it then the evo has too also, they’re basically the same thing

    1. as will the inspire on att then,

    2. No, they are not…

  18. Yes!!! Droid Incredible 2!!! confirmed!
    Twiddles Thumbs…now playing the waiting game…

  19. I don’t even know where my Thunderbolt is anymore. LOL

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