Feb 16th, 2012

Early yesterday morning, I received the Samsung Galaxy Note on my doorstep and like a little kid on Christmas, I ripped into it. While, some sites would have reviewed the device right then and there — I feel like a more accurate review could be better given once I’ve used the phone as my primary device for the rest of the week.

With that said, the main point of this post was for one — to let you know we have a Galaxy Note in our possession and that a full review is coming. And 2 — that we will actually be giving away the Samsung Galaxy Note to one lucky reader in the coming days, so be on the look out for how you can enter into that.

Despite how unenthusiastic I sound in the video (it was a little after 1AM), I honestly haven’t stopped playing with the device since it arrived at my home. All-in-all, my initial impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note could be summed in one single phrase, “That’s a HUGE… phoneblet!”

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