New Leak Reveals Android 4.0 Launch Date for Nexus S 4G On Sprint


A few Nexus S 4G owners weren’t too happy about news that Android 4.0 could be soon arriving to the Epic 4G Touch, after Sprint’s site leaked the info. For all you crabby patties out there, hopefully this news will bring a little sunshine back to your day because we now have an official date on when Ns4G users can expect the ice cream man to roll down their street — and it’s a lot sooner than you think.

According to this leaked screenshot from an internal Sprint system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich should be rolling out as early as tomorrow, Feb. 16th. Pretty great news from ‘ol #3, and even though no mention was made for the E4GT, I’m still happy for you guys. Let’s hope the rest of us wont have to wait too much longer to get our tasty treat too!

[Via AndroidPolice]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Although I’m sure anyone who really wanted it, already has it.

  2. Can’t wait for this to show up on my gf’s e4gt. She’s jealous of my g-nex

  3. Congrats to all NEXUS S 4G owners!

  4. Anyone know if its the same as the build already leaked?

  5. You can’t beat the ICS Gummy Nexus ROM. Over clocked to. Still good news for NS4G owners.

    1. Any complications with overheating of the phone while overclocked? BTW, which overclock tutorial did you use?


  6. Ah, but what version of ICS will it be?

  7. OMFG!

  8. I already have installed the leaked 4.0.4 IMM26. Hope it be a higher version.

  9. What about nexus s? No ics 4.0 will be schedule?

  10. Has anyone out there received their OTA yet?

  11. Been waiting and waiting, still no upgrade?

  12. Still waiting!!! Did anybody get the update yet???

  13. Have not gotten the update yet either.

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