Acer America Confirms Android 4.0 Coming To Iconia Tab A500 and A100 This April


Yesterday, we let you guys know that the Acer Iconia Tab A500 would officially be receiving its Android 4.0 update sometime in April. The only problem was, that word came from Acer’s New Zealand division, leaving many A500 owners in the states (and other regions) wondering if they would receive the same treatment during that time.

Well, Acer America has finally confirmed today, via their Twitter, that the Ice Cream Sandwich update will, in fact, be arriving for the Iconia A500 during that same time frame. What’s more, the A100 was also added to the announcement and should be seeing the Android 4.0 update in April as well. Unfortunately, this announcement may still be seen by some as bad news, specifically, users who were expecting something a little sooner.

Thanks, Joseph!

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  1. Better than not getting it. Can’t wait!

  2. Better late than never. Looking forward to it on my A100

    1. Do you like the A100? I love mine, but the screen has some problems.

      First there is the double-letter issue when typing fast,

      and my second issue is with styluses. NO styli(?) work with this thing. I have tried so many, including the amazing Cosmonaut. They all work if poking, but you have to do it pretty hard, and you cannot drag smoothly, so it doesn’t work for drawing/notes.

      Other than that, I love it!

  3. yay, i can finally have ICS with cameras and GPL compliance!

    (thor’s ICS rom is the 100% epic, aside from no cameras, but he won’t put out the source, so its banned from XDA… its a f***ed up situation. and its the ONLY ICS rom for the a500)

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