Valentine’s Day Overload: Apps and deals for the perfect night (and candy hearts for you!)


Love is in the air! It’s Valentine’s Day and there’s no better way than to spend it with your closest companion, the one you keep near and dear to you at all times. That special friend that is always there in your times of need to lend a helping hand. The one that not only accompanies you to dinner and movie, but also suggests the restaurant and showtime, your Android phone.

Yes, Valentine’s Day is about showing that special someone (we may or may not still be talking about your Android) that you care, but what if you don’t have one? You could always try downloading apps from or OKCupid to help track down a date for the evening (we’re definitely not talking about an Android phone anymore), but if that’s moving a bit too fast you could always test the waters with Bumping Bears, a Tomagatchi-like experience that allows you to raise and customize a little bear buddy. When the time is right, bump your phone with a friend to let your bears bump nasties. OK, maybe we are letting things get a bit too hot and heavy.

Let’s take the training wheels off. Perhaps you already have a Valentine? Send a digital dart from Cupid with Kiss My Valentine, an app that makes it easy to show some love with electronically packaged kisses, hugs, and best wishes. If things get serious, the app will even help you plan the perfect romantic outing, right down to the party strobe light, which is a built-in feature.

Now that you’ve properly swooned a person of romantic interest, don’t mess up the date. You might be surprised how an app like PrivacyStar can really come in handy here. Block out unwanted distractions such as texts and calls, and definitely avoid answering the phone when Mr. or Mrs. Ex-Valentine hits you up to let you know she is currently crying into the biggest available tub of Ben and Jerrys.

When she is out of your hair, fire up Slacker Radio to set the mood for you and your date. Their DJs have put a whole lotto’ love into crafting the perfect playlist for an evening of romance, from country to rock. Once the lights dim, tune into Slow Jamz and let the night go where it will. Oh, you may want to point Mr. or Mrs. Ex to the Broken Heart station. It goes great with a few scoops of Half Baked.

If Slacker isn’t doing it for you, Sonos and Google Music are each doing their own part to put some love in the air. Sonos is taking user suggestions to craft the perfect Valentine’s playlist. You can start things off with a Sonos speaker in the dining room providing the perfect soundtrack for a candle-lit dinner. Beam it to a speaker in the bedroom for dessert. If you still can’t find that perfect song to melt your love’s heart, Google Music has some great deals on classic love songs.

For the person content on spending the evening alone, you can still play with the hearts of others…er, you can still play Hearts with others. Aces Hearts has stretched its relevancy to Valentine’s Day and launched in the Android Market. For fans of the classic card game it should help distract a bit form any aching loneliness. If you really want to treat yourself, Wirefly is giving away a $50 gift card with the purchase of any T-Mobile handset through the rest of the day.

I know, you are asking “Where are my candy hearts?” Did you really think we were going to send candy to all of our readers? Yes, we sure do hold a fond place in our hearts for all of you, but the logistics of that would be a nightmare. Maybe this Candy Hearts app will help fill the void.

So, anyone have any big plans this evening? Will there be any engagements in the extended Phandroid family? And, I suppose the most important question, will you be my Valentine?

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. I’ll be your Valentine, Kevin.. O_o

  2. Oh, no! Don’t tell me modern technology apps have succumbed to this holdiay, too! But hey, if there’s money to be made, right?

  3. LookOut straight up reads 
     Kiss My Valentine as spy ware…

    1. Same here, immediately uninstalled

  4. can I just sense the tiniest theme of Doctor Who in the first picture? hint: “Two Hearts” : D ; D

  5. Awesome, truly awesome post Kevin! Well written with the exact right amount of humor!! Bravo, for that, I’ll be your Valentine…. although, I don’t have Chris’ hair! O_o

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