White Galaxy Nexus shipping today in the UK, see it unboxed


For those in the UK looking for a bit more vanilla to go along with their Ice Cream Sandwich experience, the white variant of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus begins shipping today. The handset features identical specs to the standard grey iteration of the GSM Galaxy Nexus, including a dual-core processor and 720p display. For those in the US looking to stand out from the pack, Negri Electronics and other third-party retailers have the unlocked handset available for purchase. Check out a quick unboxing below.

[via DroidLife]

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  1. boo more new from sprint so i can decide if i need to jump ship to over priced verizon

  2. White blows.  Too Apple for me.

  3. I dont know if I will ever pay 650 bucks for a phone. Not sure what I’d have if it wasn’t for the subsidized phones in the U.S. 

    Kinda’ crazy people are paying as much as for a laptop or a quality tablet (like an iPad) for a cellphone nowadays.


    1. “quality tablet (like an iPad)”

      I would put on some fire -proof clothing if I were you ‘cos you’re about to get FLAMED :p

      1. So you disagree that an iPad is a quality tablet? Do you have an example of a better tablet?

        Don’t need my fire-proof clothing. Flamers need to realize, Android tablets are shitty and inferior quality. Competition fuels innovation. Apparently, apples amazing products have had no effect on the products made by Samsung or many other android hardware makers.

        They apparently seem to think their piece of shit hardware will still sell (and it is) but not for long.

    2. If you pay $200 for it, then are stuck with a $100/month plan (incl. fees and taxes), you pay $2600 [$2400 + $200] and are locked for 2 years.  If you pay $650 for it, and then $60/mo [T-Mobile Monthly 4g,Unlimited], you pay $2090 total and save $510, and also have the flexibility of doing whatever you want at anytime.  I actually use a $30/mo, 5GB 4G plan.  Kinda crazy how much people pay for service these days, rather than the device, eh?

      1. Not entirely true. With your 30/mo plan, you get only 100 minutes of voice.

        The next plan is 50/month which is capped at 100MB of 4g speeds. 60/month capped at 2gb of 4g speeds. 70/month capped at 5gb at 4g speeds.

        2 lines = 70×2 = 140 per month.

        I pay 140 per month AND i bought my phones for 200 each. If I had the highest “value” plan, I would pay 140 for 2 lines plus full price for phones.

        It’s the most stupidest marketing gimmick out there by T-mobile.

  4. I’ve been waiting on the hour to see if Sprint announces a release date.  THAT IS ALL I NEED!! 

    I also visited the local Sprint store and talked to the rep. I asked him when about the Nexus will be coming out and he said next month with the most confident look I’ve ever seen in my life, it was kinda scary. 

  5. I want white on the front too plz!  

  6. for some reason i just don’t like the white on this phone….i think maybe all white would have been better

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