Feb 13th, 2012

Just like Hollywood celebrities who attempt to hide their estranged lovers from the public eye, the tech world works very much the same way. Sometimes for OEM’s, despite their best efforts, the truth eventually comes out. Especially when it’s a secret as juicy as this one.

What you’re looking at in the above image is Motorola and Intel’s lovechild, to be later officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress in just a few short weeks. The device will have the eyes of it’s father — Motorola’s Motoblur — mixed with soul of Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich and powered by Intel’s Medfield processor (seen in a few devices at this year’s CES).

Whether we’ll see a few more surprise partnerships from Intel at Mobile World Congress in a just a few short weeks is anyone’s guess. Either way, we’re officially hyped for MWC and I have to say, I’m a little jealous of our fellow Phandroid staffers who will be attending this year. I honestly can’t wait to see what other surprises emerge. How you guys liking the thought of Motorola getting into bed with Intel? Does it change any of your opinions on making a Motorola device a future purchase?


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