Feb 13th, 2012

Huawei, a manufacturer normally known for their budget to low-end Android handsets, is definitely coming out swinging in 2012. At this year’s CES, we’ve already seen, and gotten our hands-on with the Huawei Ascend P1 S. With a speedy dual-core TI 1.5GHz OMAP processor and stock Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, we were more than impressed with the latest handset to acquire the title of ” world’s slimmest smartphone.”

If having the thinnest smartphone on the planet wasn’t enough to get your Android juices flowing (that sounds dirty), I wonder if something with a bit more power could entice you? Perhaps something along the lines of quad-cores?

Well, it appears that’s exactly what Huawei has on the menu for this year’s Mobile World Congress on February 26th. A press invite is being sent out to media and mentions Huawei’s “most powerful smartphone yet.” Further more, a Japanese blog is reporting that the device will be called the Huawei Ascend D Q. If the “S” in the Ascend P1 S stood for “slim,” we could only imagine the “Q” in this title standing for “quad-core.”

Also revealed was Huawei’s upcoming MediaPad 10, a 1o-inch version of their 7-inch MediaPad tablet that recently launched on T-Mobile. If all goes well, we expect to give you guys a full hands on during MWC in a 2 more weeks.

[Ameblo | Via UnwiredView]

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