T-Mobile Valentine’s Day sale extended until tomorrow?


Getting a free 4G smartphone seems like an awesome idea. But it seems like so many of you are getting them, that T-Mobile’s system is having issues. And according to a plethora of consumer reports, T-Mobile has found the need to extend the Valentine’s Day offer until tomorrow.

Like many others, our friend BigMerf has reached out to T-Mobile via multiple social networks, and he received this message straight from Magenta’s Facebook account.

Just like this message, many other users are confirming that T-Mobile staff has told them to come back the next day, as the systems are being overloaded with awesome purchases of free 4G devices! We hope that T-Mobile can make an official announcement soon, as we would love to know if this is really happening.

But more than anything, this post is meant to reach out to our readers to see what they have heard. Many of you have been told that this deal is being extended, straight from representatives’ mouths. So let us know what information you have acquired, and where from.

[Via: T-Mobile (Facebook)]

Thanks, Bigmerf and Andres!

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  1. Who do you think “KN” is? ;)

  2. Well if your a current customer  with less than 12 15 or 22 months of contract done (depending on which rep you talk to) don;’t plan of taking part and dealing with very rude CSRs

    1. I know SHOCKING that you as a customer have to fulfill the length of time between upgrades THAT YOU AGREED TO with the last discount you received.
      What is this world coming to when consumers can’t get more than they deserve?

      1. LMAO.  Like + 10000

  3. Confirmation of sale extension from T-mo’s Twitter account:!/TMobile/status/168483878087045121

  4. very bad experience… I saw new potential customers being turned away.. Very sad to see

    was just told they are opening at 9am tomorrow and staying open until 8pm

  5. T-mobile was my favorite carrier just two years ago, but ever since they announced the failed merger a year ago, they have been going downhill extremely quickly.

    1. exactly how feel about them. ive since switched to verizon. sprint would have got my business if they would have released an lte device sooner. i would have waited for the network to come.

    2. I’ve been with them for +10 years.  This whole AT&T mess really screwed them up badly.

  6. Its true another day

  7. Man if it was just next month I’d consider heading back to TMo from Verizon for a while. Kinda crazy…when I switched the last time it was Verizon getting all of the superphones. After the DroidX things went south and TMo started landing the phones. I expect them to get some real ICS phones before Verizon. I get the feeling the GNex will be it for Verizon for a while.

  8. I am wondering why you would go to the store while the sale is offered online also. 
    Are they offering it free without the rebates in the stores?

  9. Didn’t have to wait to get my Gnex. Haha

    1. Except for that small LOL 1 month delay in Verizon releasing the phone

  10. Just got my mom to get her first Android smartphone: a SGS2 thanks to t-mobile!

  11. I tried to convince myself to do this but I just can’t. None of the phones are appealing enough to lock myself out for further discounts for that long. Especially knowing that phones designed to run ICS natively (as in, no capacitive buttons at the bottom that will be useless later) should be coming soon. Really wish Tmo would do the Gnex but only if they’re going to do the 32GB version. 

    1. I thought I read that if the phone has capacitive buttons, ICS is supposed to use those instead of the on-screen display.

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