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Just in case you forgot about last tuesday’s announcement, T-Mobile is having its Valentines Day sale today. This offer allows Classic And Value plan subscribers to get any 4G smartphone, as well as some 4G tablets, for free after a mail-in rebate.

Just remember that HSPA+42 devices (HTC Amaze 4G and Samsung Galaxy S II) will require a 5 GB data plan. Other than that, you are in the clear for your brand new 4G devices.

Go ahead and check out the press release and T-Mobile’s website for more details. You may want to take advantage of this deal, whether it is for a Valentine’s Day gift or not.

Cupid’s Arrow Hits Mark: T-Mobile Offers Free 4G Phones to Celebrate Valentine’s

For one day only, on Feb.11, all of T-Mobile’s 4G smartphones and select mobile broadband devices are free with the switch to a qualifying two-year plan

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Feb. 7, 2012 — In the spirit of the season, T-Mobile USA, Inc. will show consumers lots of love with another jaw-dropping promotion for its “Valentine’s Day Sale.” For one day only, Saturday, Feb. 11, T-Mobile will give customers the chance to get their hands on the latest 4G smartphones and select tablets for free, making a perfect gift for loved ones or themselves. The promotion includes T-Mobile’s fastest 4G smartphones and select tablets running on America’s Largest 4G Network® such as the Samsung Galaxy S™ II1 and the T-Mobile® SpringBoard™ with Google™.

New and existing eligible customers can take advantage of this deal receiving their device for free after a mail-in rebate card when they sign up for a new two-year contract on any qualifying Classic Plan™2 or for a $0.00 down payment after mail-in rebate card when signing up on a qualifying Unlimited Value™3 Plan.

“T-Mobile has a commitment to make the 4G experience affordable and accessible to everyone, so this sweet deal on smartphones and tablets is our Valentine’s gift to consumers,” said John Clelland, senior vice president of marketing, T-Mobile USA. “No matter where loved ones live, T-Mobile wants to bring them closer with unlimited talking, photo sharing, video chatting, texting, and more.”

A recent online Omnibus survey4 with Harris Interactive found that four-in-ten (44%) of first time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with the smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before. The value for customers extends beyond the “Valentine’s Day Sale” as T-Mobile offers the best rate plan pricing on America’s Largest 4G Network.

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  1. This is bs they are refusing to give me the deal… they said I am not eligible cause not due for upgrade for 1.5 months and there twitter support is saying I can…. 

    1. Oh what???! Did you try another store? 

      1. Read My other comment that was 611!

  2. I just picked up the GSII FREE, HELL YA!

    1. Did you get it without rebate ?

      1. Got Rebate… Mail in of course….

    2. Awesome! Enjoy it, bro! 

  3. My drama with TMO….. I called to take advantage. They told me its not possible. First they said I had to be 15 months to get it then I called them out on their site saying 12 months then they said then its 12 months.  Spoke to a supervisor said same thing I went on twitter and contacted  @tmobile:twitter  They contacted me back as @tmobilehelp:twitter  asked if 
    Did everything get worked out for you?  ^KN. I told them know then told them the situation at I have been with them 10.5 months and the website was misleading to the fact that it seems like anyone can do it. They responded 
    The sale is for qualifying classic/value plans or new activations. You can take advantage of it as a loyal customer :) ^KN. So I called them back again to find out what the deal… now they tell me that I have to be at 22 months to get the deal.  

    The fine print is as followed “Capable device req’d to achieve 4G speeds; LG Optimus T™, Samsung Gravity® Smart, HTC® Wildfire S™, and BlackBerry® Curve™ 9360 are not 4G devices. T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network not available everywhere; see coverage details. Offer valid Feb 11, 2012; subject to change. Participating locations only. Taxes and fees add’l. Devices must be purchased and activated at the same time on the same account. Not all plans or features avail. on all devices. While supplies last. Device Offer: Credit approval, $35/line activation fee, mail-in rebate card, and new activation of a qualifying postpaid Classic plan on two-year contract (with up to $200/line early cancellation fee) req’d. Domestic only. Device and screen images simulated. Mail-In Rebate Card: Activation of qualifying plan req’d; must remain active and in good standing at time rebate is processed. For mobile broadband devices, qualifying mobile broadband plan with EasyPay billing req’d. Limited to specific models; supplies may be limited. Three devices per customer. We reserve the right to substitute different models of equal or greater value. Rebate provide in the form of a VISA card. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing. See rebate form for details. Mail-in rebate not applicable in RI, CT or Miami-Dade County. Coverage: Coverage not available everywhere. Abnormal Usage: Service may be slowed, suspended, terminated, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with our network or ability to provide quality service to other users, or significant roaming. T-Mobile and the magenta color are registered trademarks of Deutsche Telekom AG. America’s Largest 4G Network, myTouch, G2x, and Sidekick are registered trademarks and SpringBoard is a trademark of T-Mobile USA, Inc. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Android robot is created and shared by Google and used according to the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Google is a trademark of Google, Inc. BlackBerry is a registered trademark of Research in Motion Limited. ©2012 T-Mobile USA, Inc.” 

    Where does it say anything about having to be eligible for an upgrade? This whole deal is miss leading 

    For whole twitter exchange I retweeted all of their tweets @eccentricvision!/EccentricVision

    1. It says two year contract required.  If it’s been 15 months since your last upgrade then if you renewed your contract two years from THAT date that wouldn’t be a full two years would it?  You still have 9 months to go at least on your current contract so if they allowed you to renew today you would only really be adding 15 months to the contract, not 24 months (two years), because your contract is always two years from the day of the renewal NOT an additional two more years.

      If you want to get TECHNICAL about it, according to what they state above they really don’t have to qualify anyone for the sale unless they are OUT of contract.  Because only that would be true two years.  However they let anyone who wants to invoke the sale do so on existing lines if they have a full upgrade available REGARDLESS of where they are in their contract.  Meaning a full 22 months since the last time they discounted a handset for you(upgrade).  That sounds reasonable and fair.

      As an existing customer, you can STILL take advantage of the sale by adding a line to your account.  That’s primarily what the sale is intended for.

      You’re being pretty misleading here acting like you’ve been swindled.  Not cool buddy.

      1. Why add a like the whole tag line was get a free phone on the add.  I have been “swindled” as you call it. I didn’t stretch the truth. I left the details of how piss poor the customer service was.   Its funny how many customers in the same boat are as pissed as me…… The only reason I wanted to take advantage of the deal was its my moms birthday and shes finally getting up again from the open heart surgery she had. The bottom line there are hundreds of custtomers pissed off. and its funny how tmo hid the FAQ deep in the site and bring it out like it was always there……. im so tired of trying to defend my reasoning…. I will share my compliants with the relations department 

        1. No you’re totally right, they should give away free phones to people who just got a huge discount on their phone when they upgraded a month ago /sarcasm #getreal

          1. well lets see they dont make money on the phones they make the money on wait let me think the come on lets all say it together Contract! I have been there almost a year thats what i liked about VZW when i was with them…… I could get them to upgrade me when I wanted. also too the terms where unclear which has gotten lots of companies in hot water…..

          2. I take it your not a dev? you are probably a leech…. you root your phone  use a rom and bitch because it doesnt work 100%. You don’t contribute to the community. The  main reason I wanted a new phone is to contribute to the community. I don’t sit at home and wait for someone to tell me how to root my phone. so until you show me what you have done keep your smart ass comments comments to yourself….. search the internet and you will see what I have accomplished….. my whole point behind the rant is first they can’t keep there story straight and second they are very misleading behind the whole promotion…. I wouldnt have been so pissed if they wernt sooo rude. its about respect people…..

          3. There’s nothing misleading about the sale.  It’s on new lines or full upgrades.  Can it get simpler than that?

            There’s absolutely nothing rational to complain about and frankly I don’t care what you’ve done for the development community because that’s not what we’re talking about.

    2. Had the same issue with TMo.  Almpst exactly.  Also, when TMo wants to early upgrade customers with a new 2 year contract, they find a way to do it.

      My hypothesis is they need a PR bump after the failure of AT&T acquisition.  They received great media coverage from this event.

      As a +10-year Magenta customer, I’m diasapointed.

      1. What’s there to be disappointed about?  You have to do it on a full upgrade or add a line!  When’s anything been any different and when has any other carrier had anything CLOSE to something as awesome as this deal?

  4. Got rebate love my Sammy Galaxy S II

  5. Tmobile value plan with 2 years contract – till February 1, 2014: Loyalty department – helped by DANIEL (employee no. 1244098) Ingrid (employee no. 58046) Maira (employee no. 47271) Chris (february 1,2012)
    $49.98 – 1000 whenever minutes (unlimited nights & weekends and tmobile-tmobile unlimited call)
    $20 – 5gb (unlimited) (no overages) Super fast internet speed (18mbps-28mbps consistently here in Austin,Texas)
    $10 – 2gb (unlimited) (no overages) Super fast internet speed (18mbps-28mbps consistently here in Austin, Texas)
    $5 – 3rd line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)
    $5 – 4th line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)
    $20 – domestic & international (worldwide) – all kinds of messaging (unlimited) for all 4 lines
    Total – $109.98 plus taxes & fees with 15% corporate discount and $10 loyalty discount/month till the contract expires.
    So we are looking between $90-$110/month for 4 lines. That is one heck of a deal that NO ONE CAN BEAT.
    * Free wifi calling for all 4 lines (will not use minutes to call anybody (domestic) as long its in wifi zone)
    * Corporate discounts – effective till the contract expires
    * Replace all sim card – 4 lines to 4g sim (tmobile store) – free.
    * Can take off internet data features in any line, anytime? their answer is YES.   
    * $120 credit towards the coming bill
    * No migration fee
    * no upgrade fee
    * Block pay per use web for lines – (free)
    * Web guard – teen (free)
    * International long distance blocking for all lines (free)

    Theres more freebies we got from free phone (1 day sale of samsung galaxy s2 & htc amaze) to 1st month credit on our account.
    I was an AT&T subscriber for 8 years and will never go back to them forever…

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