Feb 11th, 2012

One of Google’s latest projects is “Solve For X,” a project that allows people to propose ideas that would solve world problems through technology. We did not think great projects would start spawning so quick, though. The latest Solve for X proposition includes a spray-on antenna, which may revolutionize the way mobile communications work.

Chamtech Etnerprises claims that this product can increase mobile energy efficiency by 10%. It is also more light-weight, and as you can assume, it can be used on anything. Imagine being able to paint an antenna into your device when you find yourself without signal. Even better, how about painting your car with it. Maybe even your house, or a tree. The possibilities are endless.

CTO Rhett Spencer mentions that Chamtech is in the talks with government-based customers (including the military). This is the reason why not much detail about the product is provided. But it seems like it uses organic elements to improve magnetic and radio frequency signals. Being organic, it can be used under any circumstances. This includes outer space, underwater, and wherever it may be seen fit.

Undoubtedly, this would be a great solution for mobile carriers. Instead of installing antennas, they could just go and spray an antenna on anything. And if you live in a low-signal area, all we would need is a technician to come and spray your house with this technology.

What do you guys say? Is this the future? Check out the video and let us know what you think.

[Source: Chamtech Via: Engadget]