One-day deal: Phillips Android Media Player for $89.99


WiFi-only Android-powered devices are not as popular – our smartphones can do everything these gadgets feature, and more. But if you are looking for a portable media player, this deal might spark your interest. Woot deal of the day features A Phillips Android media player (SA3CNT08K) for the low price of $90 (goes for about $140 on Amazon).

It is not the device of your dreams, but it could get the job done for certain users. Specifications include a 3.2-inch 480x320p display, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 720p HD video playback, 8 GB of internal storage and WiFi/bluetooth connectivity.

As mentioned, not the best device out there, but it could be great if you are looking for a media player with a bit of extra punch in functionality. The deal is only available today, so check out for more details.

Would any of you purchase a device like this? And why?

Thanks, Danndroid!

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  1. Would any of you purchase a device like this? And why? Just did.  So I can give my daughter the android experience without a data plan. 

    1.  I would purchase such a device. I only have Tracfone (so no Android phone for me), so I gotta get my Android fix this way. Apparently, this only has an 800MHZ processor, though, so that may be a bummer.

      Still, it’s probably way better than any Android tablet you could get for the same price. ;)

      1. nah.. use an old android phone as a media player.

        1.  You have a point there. I could very easily find a slightly used Android phone on Craigslist to use. Plus, the deal already ended. :P

    2. I did the same for my 9yr old, I got him the Galaxy Player 4.

      1. Bought an Archos 43 for my daughter last year. I should have waited for the Galaxy Player to become available though. There are very few decent iPod Touch alternatives running Android. I’d love to be able to buy my daughter a 4.3″ Wi-Fi only variant of my Galaxy S II.

        1. You can still pick up the Galaxy Player 4 for $199 or the Galaxy Player 5 for $239.

           If you upgrade (I have the GS2 also) you can just give her your old phone which she can use as a player and a pre-paid phone if you’re worried about her usage.

          Sony has a new Android media player too, I forgot the name of it but Ive seen pics and it looks pretty good.

          1. I’ve been looking into getting her one with my tax return next month. Weird thing is here, in Canada, they sell the 4″ for 350$. I’m gonna have to import one from the US as even with shipping and and exchange rate, it’s gonna be 100$ cheaper than buying it from a local store. I’ve got no idea what Samsung was smoking when they set those prices.

  2. Minor nit, but the company is Philips with one ‘l’.

  3. old OG Droid works great as a media player.   Switch on wifi as needed or use local storage with files downloaded from amazon cloud.   Done.

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