Minecraft Pocket Edition update brings survival mode and more


Minecraft players know that the pocket edition is by no means as fun as the full (PC) game. But if you have been waiting for this game to become a bit more like the desktop version, the update will be to your liking. Version 0.2.0 includes survival mode, adding a little bit of violence and adventure to your building fun.

In Survival mode, you will be able to go out and look for materials raise your buildings. Hunting for food and running away from flesh-eating zombies is also part of the new additions. Not to mention the fact that you can now fly in Creativity Mode.

Those dying to try out the new features can simply update or purchase the app via the Android Market. The game still goes for $6.99, but you can also check out the free demo if you are willing to give up a substantial portion of the materials, as well as single-player world-saving and multi-player environments.

[Via: Android Police]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Still no crafting :/

  2. no food either. and flying mode is very limited. only mobs in game are sheep for wool and zombies at night… and omg are there soooo many zombies.

    not sure what this post means about multiplayer environments

    1. You can explore world together with others, but only in the full game.

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