Feb 11th, 2012

I’m not even going to bother to write about this patent mess. We all know the system is broken, and that any change for the better is not going to dawn upon us any time in the foreseeable future.

What I will let you know is the main bullet points: the filing was done at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The preliminary injunction request against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is based on four patents, as quoted by FOSS PATENTS:

  1. the “data tapping” patent based on which the ITC ordered an import ban against HTC
  2. a patent related to Siri and unified search, which must be of huge concern to Google with a view to its core business
  3. a new slide-to-unlock patent that even had the head of the Taiwanese government profoundly worried
  4. a word completion patent that provides major speed improvements for touchscreen text entry

The first one, considering it succeeded against HTC, is most certainly a win for Apple. I’m not aware of the details of the second one, but it’s the last two that get me really irritated. However, I can hardly say I expected anything else when I learnt they were granted these patents as recently as last year.

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