Apple at it again, file injunction request against Galaxy Nexus


I’m not even going to bother to write about this patent mess. We all know the system is broken, and that any change for the better is not going to dawn upon us any time in the foreseeable future.

What I will let you know is the main bullet points: the filing was done at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. The preliminary injunction request against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is based on four patents, as quoted by FOSS PATENTS:

  1. the “data tapping” patent based on which the ITC ordered an import ban against HTC
  2. a patent related to Siri and unified search, which must be of huge concern to Google with a view to its core business
  3. a new slide-to-unlock patent that even had the head of the Taiwanese government profoundly worried
  4. a word completion patent that provides major speed improvements for touchscreen text entry

The first one, considering it succeeded against HTC, is most certainly a win for Apple. I’m not aware of the details of the second one, but it’s the last two that get me really irritated. However, I can hardly say I expected anything else when I learnt they were granted these patents as recently as last year.

Raveesh Bhalla
Multifaceted too the highest degree: I'm the co-founder of Apps Culture (an app development studio), an amateur golfer, former sport-blogger, now a tech blogger. And all this, while pursuing an undergrad degree in Computer Science in India.

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  1. This makes me want to just punch iSheep

    1. The clone wars continue, the isheep are heading for Cupertino death star as we speak.

      1. I am starting to believe we should not hate apple for doing this…if not apple, anoyther patent Troll would rise to the challenge…

        The persons that deserve a punch to the face,perhaps numerous times (figuratively speaking ofc ;) are the IDIOTS who granted them these patents!!!

        Seriously, most of the lawsuits start with idiotic patents…and we all know that which starts idiotic, usually ends worse!

        1. That’s like saying we should not hate ${insert evil here}, because if they didn’t kill kittens, someone else would rise to the challenge.

          We should hate Apple for this.

          However I agree the USPTO idiots who granted these patents are the ones who should be punished.  But rather than punish them somehow, I’d be happy to just do away with the entire patent system.  It’s a gigantic cesspool that no longer serves its constitutional purpose.


  3. Go for a presidential pardon I say.

  4. I hope Apple goes bankrupt from trying to sue everyone they can’t beat with their products. I will personally NEVER support Apple. They are a joke and so is their over priced products.

    1. I’m gonna be the Devil’s advocate here and say that lawyers fees are just a small drop in the ocean for the most valuable company in the world that just broke records in Q4 results, and the likeliness of Apple going bankrupt is almost 0.

      1. Winning in court doesn’t mean you’ve won the people’s impressions of what you’ve made yourself become by the constant litigation.

        1. Which people ???. A few thousand Android phone fans ???. I wonder if when the iPad3 comes out if those same people would be so understanding of Samsung if litigation they are pursuing Apple with caused the iPad3 to not launch in a given country. 

          My Point is that these lawsuits really do point to Google, and its open hand set alliance partners being incompetent in protecting (what it can (open source remember)), and litigating where it should.

          Apple does it better .

          The rest should catch up.

          1. Public opinion can take down any company, even Apple.  It’s that simple.

          2. Which public, the ones that are making Apple one of the the richest company’s in the world ??

            They would have to do a LOT worse than suing Samsung for that to happen. 

          3. It’s evident you’re living in the present with no thought of the future and what it can bring.  Just because Apple had a record breaking quarter and broke the bank with record profits doesn’t mean that will continue forever.  Apple fell once before, it can happen again.  Constant lawsuits and public awareness of situations like Foxconn are never good for a companies reputation.

          4. Do you really understand what your actually saying?  First of all OPEN SOURCE means open source anyone can use it to build upon their own OS.  Google can choose to close their source if they wanted to, they only believe that Software shouldn’t be a grounds to sue everyone else.  Apple created this hatred towards Android themselves only because they are being threatened in the market by handsets that run Android.

          5. “Google believe that software should not be grounds to sue anyone else”. Well good for them, Apple and the rest of the business world does not care. Believe it or not, companies were suing each other over patents before Apple did.

            If you make Android a better (more profitable) offering than Apple then you hit them where it hurts, the bank balance. Crying over evil Apple bullying poor Google and it’s ever so nice friends is just a waste of time.

            Instead why not complain to google about the lack of coherent tablet App offering, or maybe get them to reign in Android and defragment the market, or grow a pair and tell the carriers/hand set makers to stop skinning Android (afterall if it’s as good as we think it needs not extra skin to help it right??)

    2.  you dont have to worry about apple going bankrupt, they are bigger and have more money then moto and google combined

  5. I will just be laughing when it gets declined again. Hurry up Apple go bankrupt.

  6. i honestly wish google would block all of there content from any apple products. i would love that so much. as a way of telling them to stop suing

    1. Look at my avatar : )

  7. Apple has become a disgusting company.

    1. They have a responsibility to there shareholders to defend there patents, and in reality it hurts there chances in court if you let companies infringe on your patents and then sue after a while.

      1. The word you are looking for is ‘their’ not ‘there’.

        It does not hurt their chances in court to delay.  It does hurt the amount you can recover if you wait too long because you can only recover damages for the last six years — which is irrelevant in this case.

        Patents do not need to be “defended” unless someone sues to declare then invalid.

        If you hold a patent, you do not have a responsibility to sue anyone over it.  Or even license it.  You could hold it purely for defensive purposes.  Only trademarks must be enforced in order to maintain them.

        Seeking license royalties seems much less evil than trying to put a competitor out of business.  And that may be the thing that seriously backfires in Apple’s face.  These competitors are not just going to decide to stop making smartphones and go away with their tail between their legs.

        It may become a war of patent attrition.  I’d bet that Apple cannot outlast all of the other companies combined.

  8. Apple is a sour loser. Cant bare its downfall. Filled with a bunch of losers. 

    1. I’m not a “fanboy” of anything (because, quite simply, it’s mindlessly stupid to be one), and although Android is my handset OS of choice and has been since 2008,and I never had any interest in iPhones, saying things like “Apple is a sour loser. Cant bare its downfall. Filled with a bunch of losers.”, you look like a “sheep” yourself. I’m sure you meant well and were trying to get likes, or whatever, but the reality is that Apple is worth nearly $100,000,000,000, and if they are “filled with losers” and are “facing their downfall”, I can’t imagine what every other tech company in the world is filled with and what they’re facing.

      1. Exactly :-)

        1. Are any of you going to get some of Apple’s cash for sticking up for their litigation practices?  I know I won’t be, and I sure won’t be for sticking up for Android.  I’m sure as going to be able to afford the next one when I’m due for an upgrade though.

      2. You may say your not a fanboy but you are sticking up for a company that has the potential to drive your favorite handset makers prices up because of their legal battles.  The only people that are going to lose is the consumers of these products.  Apple is going to over price their products and continue with their litigation only because they have brainwashed so many by using the media to their advantage and paying superfelous amounts of cash to parade their products around.  Apple is nothing but all show, just look at their stores is that really necessary?

        1.  someday you should look at how much microsoft, apple, cisco, and other companies pay to use other people patents. So i see nothing wrong with patent enforcement…even if its against apple or google….hell google was build off of a patent.

  9. Dear Apple, 
    Innovate, don’t litigate.

    The consumer

    1. Dear Google,

      Innovate, don’t imitate.


      The consumer

      1. Stop copying Denis’ post. You now owe $10 million dollars.

        1. Uh, Denis didn’t invent the word innovate! Denis didn’t invent the word imitate! Denis didn’t invent the word consumer! (idiotic fandroid-type response)

          1. you sir are a dumbass.

          2. Apple didn’t invent the touchscreen. Apple didn’t invent the rectangle. Apple didn’t invent the cellphone.

      2. iSheep, simply a fanboy if I ever saw one.

        1. aGoat, simply a fanboy if I ever saw one.

          1. ooooh he so smart, he has a comeback for everything doesn’t he? -_-

            I bet u think Apple invented the light bulb…

  10. All of this suing is just ridiculous.  Whether it’s Apple suing Samsung, or Microsoft suing Motorola, or Motorola suing Apple, it’s all just too much.  I can’t believe nobody has stepped in and at least tried to fix the broken system.

  11. Slide to open was already on neonode phone. 

  12. Google simply can’t lay down anymore they need to start filing vague patents too.

    1. “Patent number 9000+: Apparatus for doing things with stuff while other crap is going on”

  13. So I can only respond to two of these patents, because the others I don’t know anything about.  But, for example, the “data tapping” one, my phones have been finding email addresses and phone numbers since my crappy LG flip phone in 2004.  Slide to unlock has been in many previous phones to the iPhone, also debunking that patent.  The other two I don’t know exactly what they say, so I can’t respond to them.

  14. I think instead of complaining here we should start flooding apple with emails and hand written letters telling them how disgusted we are with all of this crap. The only way this will ever end is if the government does it’s job and does something about the broken patent law’s.

  15. If the Galaxy Nexus get’s delayed on Sprint I will be pissing gasoline and spitting fireballs! 

    1. You HAVE to put that up on YouTube!

    2. Dude, if that’s the case, you can come over to my house anytime and piss in my gas tanks. Tell me it would at least be 89 octane? 

    3. just buy an iphone 4s in retaliation.

      1. I wouldn’t punish myself.

  16. It’s become abundantly clear that Tim Cook was cut from the same mold as Steve Jobs was.  I had hopes he would rise above all this negativity as the new CEO and take Apple in better directions than the courtroom.  Apparently Steve’s legacy lives on, “there can be only one.”  Fortunately history has proven otherwise.

    1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….

    2. Didn’t you know Rot in Hell Jobs choose Cook because of this. The only reason
      why Apple became so popular is because Jobs knew how to brainwash people.

  17. Stupid patent troll crap.

  18. ATAST!! (And Then Apple Sued Them)
    I used to think of Apple as a place for ideas.

  19. Wait doesn’t siri use google to search? Google should just figure out how to identify searches by siri and block them

    1. I don’t think they could legally do that

  20. Oh Apple keep trying, all you do is pissing off customers, this is the reason why I ditched the iPhone for an Android, and soon ditch this Macbook Pro for a Windows PC.
    Apple do you really think I will buy another product from you when I know that you price them way over the competition because you have to find a way to finance your little patent games in court.
    It’s embarrassing that a company has to act this way, considering that you could innovate, but I guess you will loose the race again as you did against Windows in the 90s. Guess what Apple learn it, one company alone can’t compete against a whole armada of others, the closed system model failed in the past and it will fail you again.

  21. I stomped my 4S in the Verizon parking lot when I bought my Nexus. Best decision of my life.

    1. If that’s true, which I highly doubt, then you are either rich or stupid. Or both. But most likely you’re full of crap.

  22.  I would to hear what Michael Clanton and slaguru, the pro-Apple and pro-patent lawsuit guys say about this:

    No patents involved here. Just intimidation.

    Here are my points that I will try to keep simple.
    Of course this is how I and many people see the situation.

    1. Apple is the aggressor.
    2. It is unprecedented that one company has launched so many lawsuits against so many companies across so many continents.
    3. This is not just a border skirmish. It is full out World War III with battles being fought on many fronts.
    4. Apple will spend any amount of money to kill the competition. And it has the money to do that.
     There will be more. Who’s next LG, Google?
    The free enterprise system does not like monopolies. That is why they have the Sherman Act and anti-trust legislation. Maybe it is a good thing. Apple should win it all and be eventually broken up into smaller companies by the US government like they did with.
    the oil companies
    and the Bell system:

    Like RampageDeluxe said “Apple has become disgusting company”

    I hope the US Government is watching.

  23. Another classy move by Apple !
    Ethical Apple cashing in on Whitney Houston’s death.:

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