Did Tony Hawk just out the T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus?


T-Mobile and Tony Hawk go way back. We’re talking way back to the days when Tony Hawk was relevant. You know, the whole Pro Skater video game era, back when the Sidekick was so cool that Mr. Hawk had his name applied to a special edition of the proto-smartphone. Apparently the two parties are still on good terms, but the folks at Magenta may be a bit steamed after Hawk posted a photo to Twitter of a Galaxy Nexus along with the text “I love T-Mobile.”

Sure, it’s very possible to run an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile’s network, but this isn’t the first we have heard of the device getting an official release on the network. We’ve have it from inside sources that a Galaxy Nexus with T-Mobile branding definitely exists, though release details are a bit murky. Given the history between the carrier and their extreme sports spokesman, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Tony Hawk got his hands on a pre-release handset.

Of course, Tony could just be a huge Android geek that bought an international Galaxy Nexus. His love for T-Mobile may stem from the fact that it is pretty easy to get the thing up and running on their network. Who knows? Regardless, T-Mobile is at least toying around with the idea of releasing the Galaxy Nexus. It only makes sense given their history with Google’s developer phones.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. “What’s Tony Hawk doin’ on the freeway?!?!?”
    “frontside nosegrind”

    (sry, couldn’t help myself)

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Funny! Thanks for the laugh this morning. (For some reason, when I hit the like button, it doesn’t show.)

  2. Finally good news! I’ll be first in line when this becomes available on Magenta.

  3. Or Mr Hawk could have just dl’d the Codename Android ROM (or many others as a matter of fact) and put ‘T-mobile’ as his carrier name in the options ;)

  4. Is it a Galaxy Nexus though? It could easily be a Nexus S from that shot?

  5. And using instagram?  So he took a picture of his Android with his iPhone and uploaded it to his instagram account?

    1. Yeah I caught that too, wtf!

    2. instagram is on android

      1. only rumored, not on the market yet.

  6. It looks like it was then retweeted by TMoGalaxyNexus

    1. So you can say for sure it was a ‘T-Mobile’ version and not the unlocked one?

  7. double post

  8. Yes please! I’ll take one! Just hope it is easy to flash it with the stock ROM without the TMO bloatware on it.

  9. It’s difficult to be certain, but it doesn’t look like a lipped bezel, so it looks like something other than a Nexus S running ICS, but who knows? 

    1. I was thinking the same thing, but when I pull up the same screen on my NS running ICS 4.0.3, the styling is a little different. I could be that he’s still on a different iteration of the software. Unfortunately, I don’t (yet) have a Gnex to compare to the picture.

  10. I think hes saying he loves Tmobile because he was able to go way over his data limit, hes at 3.63 gigs

    1. I’m on the $20 preferred plan and  we get throttled after 5 GB.

  11. Oh course the Gnex is coming to T-mo. You know why?…because I JUST ordered an unlocked version two days ago!!!! GRRRR….

    1. cancel now, wait 3 weeks for tmo to say “not gonna happen” then order it again!

      1. Haha! No kidding, right?! That’s exactly why I didn’t cancel. Plus, I don’t think that that is really a T-mo Gnex. I think @tmonews has it right: 

  12. why wouldn’t they want to put oy=ut the most desired android phone?…no seriously why? i’m still waiting!

  13. Let it be so.

  14. why would he love T-Mobile’s data limit caps?  is he being sarcastic?

    1. Tony is probably grandfathered in to the original unlimited data like I was.  That had no caps.  I became cheap and now pay $10 a month for data but have caps.  Can’t beat the pricing and not being nickel and dimed like other carriers do to you.  I have tethering and don’t pay anything and didn’t have to root my nexus s.

      1. i see but why is he looking at that particular data cap screen?

        1. Probably because he won’t have to pay for any overages. I Love T-Mobile toooo!

  15. Apparently mister hawk is a chronic tetherer

  16. For some reason, Tony Hawk doesn’t strike me as the guy to import a Galaxy Nexus just to use it on T-Mobile.  If he really wanted one, he would get the Verizon version.  All these celebs have accounts with multiple carriers anyway.

    Regardless, this is awesome news.  Hopefully it’s HSPA+ 42 capable!!!

  17. How do you guys know its a Gnex? What if its a Nexus S with ICS just like mine? 

    1. If you look at the bottom left of the picture you can see the gunmetal-ish gray of the outer bezel. 

  18. This is a great way to start your buzz about the Galaxy Nexus on t-mobile

  19. Obviously a cheap advertising stunt on behalf of T-Mobile to show off some sort of unlimited data plan … seems to have worked with it turning up here for starters

  20. He was in London when he tweeted this so me thinks he’s referring to Tmo UK who actually does officially carry the Gnex :(

    1. Damn you logic!!!

      1. lol…I really want this phone to officially hit tmobile USA. I just went to the verizon store to play with the galaxy nexus a bit and 4g LTE speeds in Miami seem to be horrible. It was sluggish, I was getting about 400kbps on the download and the upload would stall. My Nexus one on tmobile was pulling 4mb inside the Verizon store. I asked the employee working there what was the deal with the 4g LTE and all she said was “Yes it’s very fast its 10 times faster than 3G” but when I told her I couldn’t get any good speeds on the test unit she just said, she didn’t know.

        1. It seems like that happens a lot on Verizon’s LTE. It sounds like it can be quite spotty. Meanwhile, I get consistently blazing speeds on my 3G Nexus S. I’m excited to try out the GNex on HSPA+!

          1. ah ok…yea if i spring for the gnex on verizon I’ll mostly keep it on cdma for the battery life. The double data promo starts tomorrow and will last 10 days so looks like I’ll be making a decision soon with the $99 amazon deal

          2. It really does depend on where you are. In and around LA and San Diego I keep a pretty solid blazing fast LTE connection. Between I loose coverage, but it’s improving, and it’s more like leaving the blob of coverage instead of becoming spotty.

            The “spotty” issue seems to be the entire network, not the coverage. Verizon’s 4G seems to crash every once in a while, so you loose it for a day, which is annoying.

          3. That makes sense. I’m sure as Verizon (and the other companies) build out their LTE systems, the coverage and consistency will continue to improve.

  21. I almost  bought a GSM G-Nex to use on AT&T, but I can’t justify dropping that kind of money on a phone that doesn’t support LTE

    1.  Battery life is much better though :P

      I get a full day of heavy use easily. 8am to ~1am

      1.  Ditto on the great battery life, best of any Android phone I’ve seen so far.  And I’m getting an average of 6Mbps on T-mo’s “4G” network.  I am loving this speed/battery-life ratio.

  22. I have a gsm galaxy nexus, running on ics 4.0.2. It does look a little different on mine than it does in that picture. The blue bar on top is thicker on his (the half bar, mine is one thickness across), and the ‘usage’ in ‘Measured by your phone. Your carrier’s data usage accounting may differ.’ is on the first line of text on mine, on Tony’s it wraps to the second line.  Though I have seen this run off the screen before on my phone, it may indicate a lower resolution phone – like the Nexus S. There’s also no ‘wifi’ label on the status bar on mine or orange icons – I don’t know wtf that is…maybe this is just a themed phone? 

    1. You can add wifi by simply clicking the menu button at the top right and clicking “show wifi.”
      The word “usage” is on the second line on mine too.
      I’m on a vzw gnex with 4.0.3
      I don’t see any orange icons in the pic above. If you are talking about the color next to wifi, that’s just glare

      1. Ah then the wifi and bar menu on top makes sense then, I never use data usage…the orange icons might be glare then. The text is still wrapping differently though on my galaxy nexus than his, and the apps on the bottom are lined up the same as Tony’s now. 

  23. That’s also scrolled to the top, the first item is ics browser + and you can see part of the next item in the list on the bottom, on his the first item is cut off a bit…looks like it is a lower resolution on his.

  24. i have a gnexus… and for sure this is not a galaxy nexus looks more like a galaxy s

  25. All the american lot complain and complain about the Galaxy S series arriving late last for them but their carriers can’t even sort themselves out with a Pure Google phone…they should launch the minute Verizon loses their exclusive

    1. Verizon must have already lost it’s exclusive deal since the GNex for Sprint has already been announced. Unless Sprint has some kind of secondary exclusive deal, I’m not sure what is holding up a release on T-mo.

  26. lookin at my gnex comared to the photo id say it is it

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