Feb 9th, 2012

T-Mobile and Tony Hawk go way back. We’re talking way back to the days when Tony Hawk was relevant. You know, the whole Pro Skater video game era, back when the Sidekick was so cool that Mr. Hawk had his name applied to a special edition of the proto-smartphone. Apparently the two parties are still on good terms, but the folks at Magenta may be a bit steamed after Hawk posted a photo to Twitter of a Galaxy Nexus along with the text “I love T-Mobile.”

Sure, it’s very possible to run an unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile’s network, but this isn’t the first we have heard of the device getting an official release on the network. We’ve have it from inside sources that a Galaxy Nexus with T-Mobile branding definitely exists, though release details are a bit murky. Given the history between the carrier and their extreme sports spokesman, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if Tony Hawk got his hands on a pre-release handset.

Of course, Tony could just be a huge Android geek that bought an international Galaxy Nexus. His love for T-Mobile may stem from the fact that it is pretty easy to get the thing up and running on their network. Who knows? Regardless, T-Mobile is at least toying around with the idea of releasing the Galaxy Nexus. It only makes sense given their history with Google’s developer phones.

[via Android and Me]

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