Zillow Mortgage Calculator for Android Now Available


Zillow has released another new application into the Android market today. They have announced the Mortgage Calculator, a tool that will help you determine what your mortgage situation will be based on the information you plug in. You can estimate how expensive of a home you can afford, how much your monthly mortgage rate would be and more. Take a look at this list of features they offer:

The Zillow Mortgage Marketplace Android App gives home shoppers access to:

A payment calculator that helps consumers estimate what their monthly payment will look like for a particular home.

An affordability calculator that helps shoppers narrow their home search to homes within a specific price range, based on income, down payment and monthly debt information.

A refinance calculator that allows consumers to compare their current loan and new loan quote to estimate potential savings if they refinance.

A mortgage shopping experience that enables users to request and receive personalized loan quotes, read lender reviews and connect with a lender.

Sharing functionality that allows shoppers to share current mortgage rates, calculator results and loans requests via email, Twitter® or text message.

The application is completely free to use and it’s already getting some great reviews in the Android market. If you happen to need a tool like this then this is probably your best bet. Be sure to grab it here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. The zillow real estate app is one of the better designed non-game apps i’ve seen for android tablets.

  2. Are there enough old guys on this site (me included) to appreciate this post? :-) All the 20 something skinny jean wearers are probably thinking – “zillow, is that a new game?”

  3. @boharis I’m 27 and I’m trying to buy a home so please don’t categorize us thank you

  4. Sorry bro no offense meant, I was 28 when I bought my first home. I had in mind the typical 20 year old kids who wear skinny jeans and complain about phones larger than 4.3″. And if you wear skinny jeans at 27 then I retract my no offense meant statement – lol just kidding bro just kidding!

  5. Skinny jeans ?? New game ?

  6. Both their real estate and now the mortage apps are fantastic! FYI, Zillow is the premier online real estate website.

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  8. Yeah, this mortgage app is pretty incredible.  I love how it’s anonymous quotes, I hate giving my info out to companies like lendingtree and then they sell your info and spam you for live.

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