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Try This: Animation easter egg in Chrome for Android


Want to see a cool example of Android 4.0’s animation abilities in the newly released Chrome beta? In a few simple steps you can be saying “wow” with the rest of ’em. Here’s how:

  1. Pop open Chrome
  2. Navigate to the “Tabs” screen
  3. Flick up through the open tabs (about five times)

Did one of your tabs just do a backflip? A nice little touch for the Android geeks out there. Has anyone uncovered any other cool easter eggs in Chrome? Let us know!

[via Google+]

Kevin Krause
Pretty soon you'll know a lot about Kevin because his biography will actually be filled in!

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  1. Haha

  2. I noticed that the other day when using the tilt feature, didn’t know it also did it when flicking with your finger.

  3. discovered this yesterday when there was some smudge of fingerprints and I tried to remove it with my finger :P 

  4. If they have time to program Easter Eggs, they have time to implement ‘real’ features.  Like requesting non-mobile sites.  Back flips are not something I’m looking for in a browser.

    1. yea, like cache the web page so it dont need to be reload every time i switch a tab.

    2. I can do without flash, but the lack of a desktop agent option is ridiculous.  Hell, I think the first Firefox beta even had this option, and that is a pretty bad mobile browser.

    3. You guys are brutal. Relax it will come and if it doesn’t, use the stock browser. Lighten up.

    4. What if they already had the code for this somewhere else and just added it? Ever think of that?

    5. This is why its called Beta and on 4.0 only you muckin foron!

  5. I tried this and I couldn’t get it to work. You sure you’re not referring to the feature where you flick the tab sideways to close it and it looks like it’s flipping?

    1. Nevermind, just saw the video above.

  6. I made a rectangle appear over part of the screen that zoomed in only part of it, I have no clue how and I can’t replicate it.

    1.  If you tap near two links that are close together, it pops up the rectangle, so that you can easly choose which to go to.

  7. Sorry but ICS Browser + does everything I want it to including incog, bookmark sync and flash. 

    1. yeah but bookmark organization on stock ics browser is just awful. I’ll keep it around just for flash but not much else.

      1. I think that is my only gripe with the ICS browser, the way bookmarks are organised…..but….the thumb-menu, the super quick tab-switching, flash….its all done perfectly…I really miss the thumb menu on Chrome and the super-easy tab switching….beats cycling trough all open tabs or opening a tab-viewer page like on Chrome….

        Currently, the only thing Chrome has going for it imo, is the name….the other thing would be the sync with desktop chrome, but that doesn;t work for me yet….dunno why…logged into chrome on my desktop, but nothing :S

          1. Didn’t have to do anything to fix it….today is suddenly started syncing and it showed me the correct syncs for yesterday too.

            But now my mobile bookmarks are gone :S
            Did not try much to fix that though, will try adding new bookmarks and see what happens…still I am awaiting the day Chrome dismisses the top bar and adopts the thumb-menu like stock ICS browser

  8. this is off topic but its just too funny. i typed iphone in the market on my gnex. the first thing that poped up under movies “gay sex in the 70’s” lmao. maybe google is saying something to apple fanboys.

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