Feb 5th, 2012

Yahoo may be losing a lot of ground in terms of search engine marketshare, but it isn’t going to go down quietly. They’ve just added a tab to their search engine allowing users to search for Android Market and the Apple App Store applications.

After performing a search, you can filter results by category, as well as a free or paid option. Once you select an app, you can install it by having a text sent to your phone with a link, via a QR code or by going to the Market/App Store. Yahoo is also pulling in the reviews from the Market/App Store, while at the same time offering Yahoo users an opportunity to give their own feedback in Yahoo.

Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would ever use it. It’s not an alternative store, meaning you would have to download from the Android Market, itself. All I can make out, though, is that the “trending” section on the right hand side seems a bit flawed. Only 3 of the 10 apps listed there have a Yahoo user’s review, with Angry Birds (it’s still trending?) accounting for 9 of the 11 reviews I counted.

How Yahoo is judging if an app is trending isn’t clear at this point. It probably has to do with search terms. But personally, I have a sneaky feeling those spots might have been bought or are curated.