Reports emerging of ICS 4.0.4 update for Verizon Galaxy Nexus users


A number of sites have reported a partial rollout of an OTA for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus users, this morning. Android Central seems to be the first one. They have also included a file, along with some instructions for manually flashing this update. Adventurous souls can go ahead and give it a try.

It seems like Google is carrying out an A/B testing before sending it out to everyone. Some have said the update has fixed a few bugs and improved the speed.Just remember that this update is not being pushed out at full throttle, though, and it might not be perfect.

If you’ve gotten this OTA, or flashed it yourself, please share your reviews with us. What all has changed? Are the said speed-boosts noticeable?

Raveesh Bhalla
Multifaceted too the highest degree: I'm the co-founder of Apps Culture (an app development studio), an amateur golfer, former sport-blogger, now a tech blogger. And all this, while pursuing an undergrad degree in Computer Science in India.

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  1. Speed has most certainly improved along with battery life and stability. Seems to rotate a bit faster and volume is a tad louder. The new radios are much faster from going to and from airplane mode and switches to 4g very fast. overall, i love it!

    1. Did you have to be rooted to update? I would assume so. I have unlocked bootloader but not tired yet……..have not needed to really.

      I assume you have to use clockwork recovery?

      1. I Seen A Way Where You Can Use Clockwork Recovery But Not Flash Clockwork Indefinetly… You Need Clockwork To Flash The File But That Is All

      2. You don’t have to be rooted. In fact, you have to be on stock 4.0.2.  I actually pushed the update through ADB.  I don’t know if I can be flashed through CWM.  I do if you ARE rooted, you will lose it.  I haven’t had time to see if the GNex Toolkit for 4.0.2 will work.

      3. Sorry. I flashed clockwork through recovery, then I applied the update from the “SD Card.”

      4. I used P3Droid’s rooted 4.0.4 ROM available in the Team Black Hat app. Flashed through clockworkmod like any other ROM. Works great!

  2. So far I’ve noticed increased speeds in autorotate and recent apps.  The power menu is diff.  The Youtube app has a new button.  There is an entry for “Dock” in the settings; however, the biggie is calender sync is still be broken.

  3. Am i missing something…cause im still on 4.0.2? Was there ever a pushed update to 4.0.3?

    1. Nope

      1. Same here. I guess the 4.0.3 was just a simple minor update. That wasn’t so good. I know few got that update. Hopefully we get pushed to this one soon. VZW GN

    2. It was a radio update that was never released to the public save for the leaked version. Sounds like .04 integrated the radio changes along with some functionality changes. 

  4. Been running 4.0.4 for a day now and I can say everything is smoother, signal is better, and a few new abilities have emerged. (coming from 4.0.2 on Verizon/CDMA Galaxy Nexus).

  5. The most noticeable thing for me is Def the speed. The recent apps menu is way faster. This is a good sign. Don’t see this phone getting anything but better.

    1. Thank God, the recent apps menu is horribly slow on 402.  It’s kind of a pain to use.

    2.  Did this flash like a normal update? Meaning does it keep all user apps and data?

  6. This is great but can we please get an update for tablet ICS……my prime is running like absolute crap since upgrading from HC!!!!

  7. Can anyone confirm… does the messaging app rotate any faster now? Because when I was watching Epic 4G Touch vs. Galaxy Nexus, the GN took YEARS just to rotate in the messaging app. Landscape to Portrait and back.

  8. *waits patiently for GSM 4.0.3 leak*

  9. Fix my cell radio or microphone.  30% of my calls the person on the other end complains that I sound like crap and or they just stop hearing me all together.  10% of calls drop when I have full bars.  This best get fixed

  10. What about WiFi reception increases and landscape typing lag decreases?

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