Droid Bionic soak test coming; probably won’t be Ice Cream Sandwich


Word around the inter webs says that Motorola is prepping a soak test for an upcoming update to the Droid Bionic. But don’t go jumping around just yet, as we do not yet know if this is a minor update or not.

While we surely hope that this update is somehow related to Android 4.0, it just somehow seems unlikely. As our friends from Droid-Life mentioned, it is very likely that the Droid RAZR will see an Ice Cream Sandwich update before any other Motorola device. This is not something that we are sure of, though.

This soak test could also be related to an update that was being tested last month, which includes very minor fixes. For now, let’s just sit tight and wait for more details to show up.

[Via Droid-Life]

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  1. The .901 update is great…hopefully it works as good as this

  2. Yeah Bionic owners no since in expecting & getting your hopes up to get the Ice Cream Sandwich first. We all know that Motorola & VZW thinks the RAZR is a better device & therefore should get 4.0 first. Not bcoz the Bionic came out before the RAZR & not bcoz the Bionic was delayed over & over. Also not bcoz that when it finally was released that it was teeming with bugs that it required not 1 but 2 OTA updates now possibly 3 if this is another bug fix. No I take that back the last reason is probably the actual reason for the RAZR receiving 4.0 first. That & bcoz the RAZR is their flagship not the Bionic. Of course I am basing my opinions on the way previous OS Updates have gone personally with me. So Bionic owners lets pray I’m so very wrong. Goodluck everyone.

    1. Captain Obvious over here LOL

  3. The Giants cost me $125 when they went for that frigin 2 point conversion for no stupid reason

  4. How about finally fixing the huge data connection problem.

  5. I wish I had my Blackberry Storm…. this phone sucks!

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