Apr 12th, 2022

Google I/O is typically a software-focused event, but if the rumors are true, it seems that there is a chance we could see Google announce new Pixel smartphones at the event. In fact, a report from GoAndroid has revealed that a bunch of phones made by Google were spotted at the FCC.

According to the listing, the models include GX7AS, GB17, G1AZG, and GB62Z. Now, before you get too excited and think that there will be four different models of the Pixel announced at I/O 2022, maybe you should temper your expectations.

This is because when the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro were announced last year, multiple models were also spotted at the FCC, and what really happened was that each of the model numbers corresponded to a different carrier, meaning that while four models were spotted at the FCC, they could simply be the same phone but destined for different carriers.

There have been rumors that Google could also be working on a foldable Pixel phone, but whether or not that will actually debut at I/O or at a separate event remains to be seen, but we wouldn’t really get our hopes up at seeing it at the event simply because it could end up overshadowing everything else that Google plans to announce.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see so check back with us in May for more updates.

Source: GoAndroid

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