DropBox Beta Now Available, Gives Users Opportunity to Earn an Additional 5GB of Storage


The folks at DropBox have just announced a big beta release for their Android file sharing application. We’ve got some very interesting features here, the biggest of which is automatic uploading. Much like the feature on Google+, DropBox can automatically upload your photos and video to the service to ensure that your memories are backed up as soon as you capture them.

They want to give users incentive to test this feature so they’re offering up to 5GB of storage for using the feature in your everyday life. Simply enable automatic uploading and you’ll get an additional 500MB of storage for the first photo uploaded.

After that, you can get 500MB more storage after 500MB of photos or video are automatically uploaded, up to 5GB. People are always looking for new ways to get free storage so if you aren’t concerned about privacy give it a shot.

To go along with all of that, they’ve raised the upload limit! Instead of being limited to 180MB at a time, you now have no limits whatsoever. Thanks to that it should be even easier to get that extra 5GB they’re offering. We’ve also got the ability to resume uploads and  bug fixes and performance improvements. The beta is free for everyone to download. Check it out here. [DropBox]

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  1. i love Dropbox!!!

  2. Dropbox is why I love technology…it just works!

  3. Or you know, there’s IF you head over to the XDA forums, you can findlots of threads giving out 50GB of storage to people for free. Yes, 50. Fifty. 

    Or there’s bitcasa, unlimited cloud storage.

    1. = No desktop app = uploading pain

  4. Its called It’s a mix of Dropbox and Box– It can get you 50gb of storage, and it has a desktop app, android app, Firefox and Google Chrome Extension.

    1. minus doesn’t have a desktop app that has sync

  5. – to open a new account with 2.25GB – You can also add more space by following the get started steps – Add your .edu email address to double the referral bonus – Another 756MB by following these steps – Add more people

  6. The free space is yours to keep (not just for the beta period)!

  7. “They want to give users incentive to test this feature so they’re offering up to 5GB of storage for using the feature in your everyday life.”  
    Is this for signing up or is this on top of what I already had.  As of right now it gave me the 500mb for photo upload, but I have not received any additional 5gb of storage for using the beta app.

    1. Found a better description of how to earn the 5gb on rootzwiki:  
      As for the free storage, here’s how it works. Unfortunately, you don’t just get a bulk 5GB of storage by signing up or downloading the app. The first time you sync your device with Dropbox, you get 500MB of storage. After that, every 500MB of photos or video uploaded will get you an additional 500MB of storage for free, up to a cap of 4.5GB, for a grand total of 5GB. However, this storage is not separate from storage earned through the desktop client beta that released yesterday. The desktop beta works the same way as described above.

  8. Yeah, it works fine.
    Just did +5gb over night

  9. What did he mean ”
    so if you aren’t concerned about privacy give it a shot.” Is that folder public?

    1. I wondered that also. The folder is completely private. I’ve already got my 5 free gigs… Dropbox is only testing how well the auto-upload feature is working

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