Feb 2nd, 2012

Today, Kaz Hirai has just been announced as the new Sony CEO and in a WSJ article some fun facts were revealed about his time as executive deputy of the company. Apparently, Sony — who has long been known for creating divisions operated completely separate from one another —  had 4 of these independently operated divisions developing their own tablet to rival the iPad. Of those 4, Sony’s User Experience Group scrapped all but one — the Tablet S. Not sure if that means the other 4 were completely horrible ideas, or if Sony could have possibly picked the wrong tablet. We’ll let you decide.

As Sony’s chief executive chairman moving forward, Kaz Hirai will focus on integrating these divisions, ala Apple, to focus on the overall strategy of their products and what they aim for: a better user experience. Now that the former “Playstation guy” is the top dog, maybe we’ll see an official quad-core Playstation tablet in the near future?

[WallStreetJournal | Via Electronista]

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