Motorola Droid 4 Appears On Droid Does Site – Impending Launch Is Impending


If you needed further evidence that the launch of the Motorola Droid 4 is almost upon us, look no further than the Droid Does site, where the device has just landed, complete with full technical schematics and stuffs. Although you wont be able to buy the Droid 4 just yet, you can sign up for updates, where — in our own personal experiences — you’ll most likely be the last to know once the device is finally available. You’re better off keeping it locked on Phandroid, where we’ll notify the second it drops (we’re hearing February 9th). G’night, all!

[DroidDoes | Via DroidDog]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Impending launch is impending ;)

  2. So it’s a RAZR or Bionic with a keyboard?  Why couldn’t Moto just release this on another carrier since it’s so similar.  Maybe another Tmo G phone, who knows.  Moto just oversaturated Verizon with four of the exact same devices.

    1. “Why couldn’t Moto just release this on another carrier… Moto just oversturated Verizon with four of the exact same devices” – Didn’t see you complaining about the Bionic or RAZR or MAXX; maybe they should have pushed them off to other carriers. No, you’re going to b1tch when they are FINALLY releasing the ONLY dual-core, LTE smartphone on Verizon with a keyboard. Sorry you don’t care about keyboards, but some of us do!

      1. Sorry, I just get sooo irritated when I see the slab-lovers crying over the very few keyboarded phones that get released. I felt the need to vent…

        1. I understand! It bothers me that so few keyboard options exist, and that often the keyboard options are far sub-par to their slab brethren. For example, the LG Ally is STILL being sold, and despite nice physical hardware, it’s barely got better specs than the original Droid 1! I don’t even want to discuss Samsung’s keyboard options; they are even more cheaply made than their usual phones, with half the hardware spec, and TouchWiz slowing them to a crawl. I’d rather have an Ally! There’s a budget keyboard phone from Pantech which I’d trust about as far as I could throw the AT&T kiosk at which it is sold. I am glad that Motorola keeps its Droid line up-to-date. I think it’s the only truly legitimate keyboard and Android device on the market. If only Motorola would unlock a Droid bootloader I would starve myself for a year to buy one.

          1. I agree.  Moto makes some nice physical keyboards.

  3. old news

  4. Super bowl commercial with launch date?

  5. I saw this on droid does over  a week ago.

  6. The keyboard doesn’t “pop-up” as any other slider would. You have to
    push the entire way up. They should’ve upped the processor.

  7. Good thing my upgrade is in November. We’ll have the Droid 5 by then.

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