DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX’s OTA Update Version 6.12.173 Details Appear On Verizon Site


It’s been almost two weeks since a leaked update for the DROID RAZR appeared. That update was  6.12.173 and was found to be signed for an official release even though it wasn’t known whether or not it was a final, official build. It looks like that build was indeed final, however, as details regarding the update have been posted on Verizon’s site. Visual voicemail has been upgraded, VZ Navigator gets an update for 3D map functionality and V Cast Apps now come preloaded. Read the rest in the document here. Look for this one to hit sometime very soon. [Thanks Kris!]

[Update]: It appears the same exact update is going out to the MAXX.

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  1. Oh boy, new and updated bloatware. Gee, thanks Verizon!

  2. yeah.. a bunch of crap that no one uses and anyone who reads the forums has already rooted and frozen. Way to go Verizon. BUT… maybe this will fix the CONSTANT data drops my son gets when in a 4g area. It’s ridiculous.

    1. Rooted and frozen?? So if you are rooted this update will freeze your phone?
      Ridiculous post without a explanation.

      1. The discussion above is about bloat apps… he was saying most have already rooted their phones and frozen their bloat apps. Not a ridiculous post at all to anyone that knows anything about android.

  3. I get great reception on my rezound. I average 14 to 25 mbps download speed. Upload 2 to 11. I even got 54mbps download the other day.

    1. that adds alot to a RAZR discussion

  4. What is commercial mobile alert system?

  5. Yay, we all wanted more bloatware.

  6. Android 2.3.6 on my phone right now

  7. pointless update i had no issues with home screen switching nor anything else. all i see that i got from this update is a more pain in the ass. with yet another music app called MOG, VCast Apps lol most pointless app why buy from Vcast when droid market is right there. the text messege is now a retarded :) in a box. and another movie app slingbox, a emergy alert app, also all my files, my galley, and my music no show Motocast icon in corner, the one thing that came good out of this update is my smart actions actually for the first time suggested and made smart actions rules based on my useage. also some tweeks to make it look better icons now in settings menu and so on. and my favorites widget still sucks lol. and now i need to wait to maybe find a new ROM based on the 173 build. the whole update is nothing but bloat. is nice to see though my serial now says droid razr maxx instead of droid razr like it did lol.

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