ASUS TF300T Unveiled?


As if we didn’t have enough Transformer tablets, rumors are suggesting that another one could be on the way. Chinese blog cool3c got their hands on what definitely looks to be an ASUS tablet with a red chassis. They’re calling it the ASUS TF300T, and while it’s not entirely consistent with the TF101 and TF201 names of the Transformer and the Transformer Prime, it’s certainly very close.

Even with a name and supposed photos we have no clue what this device brings to the table but we can’t imagine it’ll be anything less than stunning. Take a look and decide for yourself. And fingers crossed that we might see this thing officially unveiled in the near future. [via Androinica]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. How do they go from 101 (OG TF) to 201 (Prime) to 700 (Prime HD) then back down to 300?

    1. Maybe it’s a lower end model and the Prime is the higher end.

      1. That would explain the lack of flash next to the camera.

  2. Great…. they have a new tablet approaching and I still cannot get my hands on a 201?! Someone needs to start cranking out devices, and soon, or my money will go elsewhere.

    1. because one person whining on an internet forum that Asus doesn’t even read constitutes a real threat.  Also, where else would your money go? Seriously?

  3. Maybe a windows 8 tablet, would explain different name scheme

    1. that could be likely…. 

  4. I’m not sure that these photos really mean anything. Asus aren’t releasing their new tables till the summer at least. The current Prime is fantastic. Have it, love it!! I’ve used other tabs in the past and this one canes them all :-)

  5. hmmmm not bothered Tf201 is fantastic for the time being !

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