Official Super Bowl XLVI app hits the Android Market


Headed to Indianapolis for the big game? Just a huge football fanatic watching the battle between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants from home? Either way, the official Super Bowl XLVI app is here to be your guide as we lead up to kickoff. While those attending the showdown will get the most use out of the 3D maps and guides to area restaurants, nightlife, and Super Bowl related events, even those viewing the game remotely can feel like they are there live with social media updates from fans and superstars alike.

The app is sponsored by Verizon, but unlike the NFL Mobile app this one isn’t an exclusive. It’s free for all to download and give a spin, even if it may only be of the most use to a select few. Who are you pulling for to win on Sunday night? Will Eli Manning take home the Lombardi in the house that his brother Peyton built? Or is it time for Tom Brady to get revenge after the Giants put the kibosh on a perfect season just four years ago?

Android Market Link: Super Bowl XLVI Guide

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. +1000 for Brady and the Pats =)

  2. Will this app break all the big news that comes from the players right away? Like yesterday I just learned that both teams expect to win and if I wouldn’t have watched Sportscenter, I would never had learned that.

  3. So for those who aren’t going to be in Indy, which is 99.99% of footbal fans, how is this app going to help us? Maybe it will give us insights of those who are lucky to be there.

  4. The GGGGGGGG-Men!!!!  I bELIeve!!!

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