CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 for the Samsung Epic 4G Available [Video]


While the original Epic 4G never saw a truly stable release of CyanogenMod 7, the Epic CM team are making a lot of great progress with CyanogenMod 9. The Android 4.0-based ROM brings a stock Android offering for those who’d rather not deal with TouchWiz. An “alpha 0” build was posted yesterday and it looks pretty good for its stats. The list of bugs and things not working is quite long but none of them are experiencing-breaking features. Take a look at the full list here. If all of that looks fine to you and you want to give it a shot just to see what’s on the way, grab the download links here. Take a look at a video review of this alpha above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hope this comes to the Droid 2. After getting ICS for my Xoom, Gingerbread just isn’t cutting it.

  2. Epic 4G Devs Rock…

    And for the record, the CM7 Nightlies are CRAZY-stable.  Sure, there are 2 or 3 bugs that affect a small % of the user-base.  But for the most part in the XDA help threads, we don’t see many return complainers.  Been the best daily driver I’ve ever run on my phone (yes, even better than ACS ICS 1.2).

    If you are still rockin’ the Epig 4G sans CM7, you have only yourself to blame =]

  3. camera working…….very jealous atrix user, i’ve used the cm9 alphas for atrix, they are very good but a few things aren’t working (camera being one)…..maybe one day.

  4. SMH @ Samsung for saying these phones couldn’t support ICS due to hardware limitations.  Ridiculous.

    1. they said it couldn’t because of TOUCHWIZ.

      1. Yeah, that the hardware couldn’t support ICS + Touchwiz.  I’m afraid if your skin/UI is too heavy to run on this (still decent) hardware, then you’re doing it wrong.  I call BS to any excuse they give other than “we don’t feel like spending the time/money on it”.  Well that time/money would have payed itself off by earning customers continued support.

        1. I’m not saying it’s a good excuse. HTC said the same thing about Gingerbread on the Desire or whatever device it was. I can understand them from the perspective of the common consumer would get extremely confused if they simply switched to stock ICS. But I do think its ridiculous.

  5. Pretty impressed with how smooth it is! Bring on the Epic Touch!

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