Sony LT22i Nypon Coming to Market as Xperia P?


More dots are being connected for Sony’s known slate of 2012 launches. Exactly a week ago we learned that the Sony ST25i Kumquat could launch as the Xperia U and now we’re hearing news about the LT22i Nypon. According to a new leak it will be marketed as the Sony Xperia P. That’s totally believable considering Sony’s 2012 naming scheme introduced following their proposed deal to take over the mobile division of the Sony-Ericsson partnership. The device is supposed to be similar to the Xperia S, except it would have a different processor and a weaker screen. If everything has been accurate we should see it in some capacity at Mobile World Congress. [source via GSM Arena]

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  1. just a note: the word nypon seems like it’d be pronounced like nippon, which is the japanese word for japan, so it might mean that the phone will only come out in japan

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