Galaxy Nexus for Sprint Gets Signup Page on Nexus Site


The Nexus site has been updated to add a sign-up page for Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Nexus. Sprint confirmed the existence of their LTE-carrying Galaxy Nexus during CES time but didn’t give much as far as a release date goes. We are inching ever closer, however, as sign-up pages usually mean that a launch is right around the corner.

It’s hard to pinpoint what Sprint will do in this instance, though, considering the uniqueness of this launch compared to other phones of theirs. The uniqueness comes with their LTE radio, technology that users wouldn’t be able to take advantage of until Sprint begins rolling out their 4G LTE network in the middle of this year.

They could very well wait for their network to go live before releasing the device. It remains to be seen if they’d be willing to sell a 4G phone before the network is ready but I don’t see why they couldn’t. It’s all speculation, anyway, so we’ll just wait and see what happens. Sign up for more info here. [via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Already looking forward to the next Nexus to see if it’ll launch at the same time since We all, or most will be on LTE

  2. sprint users….now you can experience the suffering that we verizon users were subject to. “coming soon” will haunt your nightmares for many moons to come.

    1. I think many of us have already experienced that with wimax

  3. Yeah… At this point, since I have the GII, I think I’ll wait for the GIII… The spec bump will be worth it. The only thing this has over my Epic Touch is the screen, ICS, and the AOSP of it all….

    1. LTE radio too don’t forget. It’s more future proof, but you still have a great phone.

  4. I’m getting the Galaxy Nexus when it arrives. I’ll worry about future devices after I’ve actually seen them in action. Then there’s 101 ways to skin a cat, meaning if the temptation is great enough to upgrade I’ll work something out(PETA don’t come for me). My almost one year old upgrade will be used on the GN.

  5. i’m due for an upgrade in a month and i’m getting this without hesitation day one. i love my evo but ever since i got it i have wished it was a nexus phone. i want AOSP, longer support life and direct updates.

    i see no reason for sprint NOT to release this device. 4g LTE IS COMING, so why not release it, its not like they are questioning which band to use so they don’t know what chip to put in. i say give me the phone now, if you do i’ll be more then happy with it until i get to use 4g…. i mean in all honesty it’s not like i’m using your wimax right now so im not losing anything

    1. I agree with you 110%, bud.

    2. Exactly, my EVO had a great run. I’m ready for some official ICS and of course Jelly Bean later in the year. So happy Sprint went with the 32 GB model and I’ve heard some rumors of an upgraded camera.

      1. I hope those rumors are true. As for JB, I really hope not. Google needs to stop putting out new revisions every year and start perfecting the current one (ICS/GB)

        1. We can hope for a perfect update but no update will be perfect IMO. That’s why we get the firmware updates constantly from carriers in addition to the upgrade from Google.  Even when compared to other platforms, updates have bugs. The less bugs the better though.

        2. that is exactly what JB is, an improved ICS… what do you think next versions are for? they are not completely new builds of android, most of the time it’s improved functionality, the only thing that brings a new version name is more features, which im all for. android has come a LONG way in the past year alone. i think they are making GREAT progress

    3. If the rumors are true, I’ll abandon my EVO3D for the Nexus. It will be odd moving forward without Sense but if they bring out a bigger camera, I’m probably out. Then again…HTC might drop a bomb next month and the Polaroid phone is still lurking…ugh…I started the sentence convinced and before I was done, back to wishy washy.

  6. Don’t bother with the signup page.  Verizon’s Nexus signup page did nothing.  I put my info in on theirs and I never got anything.  I don’t see Sprint’s page doing anything different.

    1. I don’t know, Sprint is usually good with email updates on new products. I’m expecting to get this a few days before it hits stores. Who knows though, they’ve ended the premier program so that might not be the case anymore.  

      1. I hope you are correct sir.  I have a friend on Sprint who I’ve been pushing to get this for a while now.  His HTC Hero has seen better days…

        1. I pray that I won’t have to eat my words! I see this arriving in March early April at the latest *fingers crossed*

          1. I’m feeling a little late Spring-ish. Early/mid May release.

          2. Maybe, I’m thinking a EVO LTE edition will arrive around June/July so I believe May would be the latest they’ll release the GN.  

          3. I would think so too. We’ll just have to wait and see :-(

  7. I’m so torn, stay with Sprint and get the GNex with unlimited LTE or jump ship and get the galaxy note with ATT

    1. Stay with Sprint and get the GN until the Note 2 or GS3 arrives in the fall ;))

  8. Sprint has already had a “sign up for more info” page for some time.  It’s not like this puts you on a list to buy it first.

  9. Signup pages are useless. You NEVER hear from them. Almost like they are just selling your info.

  10. Sprint had no problem selling hojillions of the Evo 4G when there was still no such thing as WIMAX, why would anyone assume this time will be different?

  11. my g2 has been giving me shit I’ve been ready to swich to sprint but was waiting for a lte device so hurry up sprint I need a new phone already

  12. I’ll wait until this comes out, and see a benchmark against the Epic 4G Touch. If the GNex is evenly close, then there’s really no reason for me to get this. I’d just wait until the GS3.

    And also, I wanna do a screen comparison to see if the colors are just as vivid on the GNex. I love how the colors slap me in the face on the GS2. LoL!!

  13. My upgrade for sprint is available april 1. I havent switched from the evo since its release. I just kept updating/customizing/etc. HTC seemingly is falling behind Samsung imo. I never wanted to leave them, but the Nexus is too pretty lol. 4.65 Inch screen? Too bad the Note is going to at&t though. 

  14. Wait everyone is saying this phone will release April or spring time maybe even may???? Really Sprint is due to release the Samsung Galaxy S3 around June iif not May…So why would they release this beast of a device and release another right after?? That would hold the sales back on the Galaxy Nexus a ton…Im guessing this phone releases for Sprint Mid March

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