First Three Phoenix Wright Games Coming to Android


Objection! One of my favorite game series on the Nintendo DS is coming to Android. Along with an announcement of Ace Attorney 5 for the handheld, Capcom have announced that the first three Phoenix Wright games will all be coming to Android. They’ll be the same games we’ve had on the DS except they’ll have slightly better graphics. Capcom will be offering them separately and in a trilogy, the latter being cheaper than buying all three game separately. Unfortunately we couldn’t gather any details as far as release dates and regions go but we’re happy that it’s coming at all. [via IGN]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Hopefully in English. Its one of many series I considered Hetton a DS for

  2. Only ever played the first game but it was awesome. I can’t wait for this to get released!

  3. an english release would be an instant buy from me.
    i’ve been messing with java and NDS emulators on my phone for quite some time trying to get the 1st game to run.

  4. All of my Android notifications are Ace Attorney “Objection!”s. I know which apps are giving notifications just by the objection. Love Ace Attorney!

  5. One of the best trilogy of games i’ve ever played.  Can’t wait for this!

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