In Case You Missed It: Dropbox Will Give Sense 4.0 Users 50GB Of Cloud Storage


In case you missed Pocketnow’s initial impressions with Sense 4.0 (read: snoozefest) there was a little tidbit of information that even we initially looked over our first time reading through. One reader brought it to our attention that in between all those letters and punctuation, in plain black and white — you know, because there were no pictures — was the news that Dropbox will be giving Sense 4.0 users 50 sweet GB of delictable cloud storage. Yeah, I couldn’t believe my eyes either.

There’s a few things I absolutely cannot live without in this crazy mixed up world of ours and one of those is Dropbox. I love it. I swear by it. And if I party too hard one night, may even come home with their logo tattooed on my lower back. Crazier things have happened.

Although it wasn’t specifically mentioned just how long Dropbox would allow users to enjoy their 50GB of storage, we’d imagine they’ll follow the same 1 year “trial” they gave to Sense 3.5 users a few months back when they offered 5GB of bonus storage. In which case, don’t get too attached to those photo’s and videos you upload Dropbox during the trial.

Chris Chavez
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  1. I got my 50Gb by turning on my old Xperia X10 for 2 minutes.

    1. You’re talking about, right?

  2. I wonder ho long it will take someone to make an app that fools dropbox into thinking you are using a phone with sense 4.0 and giving you the extra space, like the one that came out for and sony phones.

    1. i clicked through solely to look for the link to this app in the comments.

        1. …and there wasn’t, but i found a douchebag instead.  

    2. why bother given the fact that the free space is only for 12 months?

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    4. Not long. All you needed was a build.prop edit. Then again, the app can go as far as verifying libs to make sure that you’re not trying to cheat.

  3. @Unorthodox, how exactly?

    1. Sorry people, I screwed up – missed the fact that it is Dropbox this time.

      1.  Oh, that is, not dropbox.

  4. I prefer idrive. Everyone gets 5gb free and 150gb for half the price of dropbox 50gb plan

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