Jan 27th, 2012

There’s no question that mobile apps are a booming business and a new website called Apptopia wants to help developers captilize on this by selling their apps. And we’re not talking about selling an app to users — we’re talking about selling complete ownership of an app, handing over the reigns to a big company or business.

“Apps are not just products that you buy for $0.99; they are complete businesses with revenues, customers, technology, and partners. A mobile app is an asset.”

Prospective buyers would then, after purchasing an app, get full access to the user’s code to do with the app as they pleased. They could build upon the app or simply market it the app in ways the developer never could. Think of Apptopia as a broker or middle man who will find a buyer, and do all the negotiating while the developer kicks his/her feet up. While the site still isn’t completely ready for primetime, developers interested in selling an app can sign up for more information when the site launches in February.