GT-i9300 appears on Samsung support site, could be Galaxy S III


If Samsung doesn’t make any drastic changes to their model numbering conventions, the Samsung Galaxy S III may very well have just appeared on the company’s official support site. Listed among Samsung’s various smartphones is the GT-i9300, a model number that sequentially follows the GT-i9xx series (Galaxy S), GT-i91xx (Galaxy S II), and GT-i92xx (Galaxy Nexus and Note). There is always the possibility that this turns out to be some other upcoming handset or a variation on a current design, as clicking on the device model doesn’t reveal any further information. We may not have an answer as soon as we’d like, as Samsung is rumored to be shelving the announcement of the GS3 until sometime after Mobile World Congress. The annual trade show for the mobile industry was expected to serve as a coming out party for the new flagship handset.

[via Engadget]

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  1. FACT: GS III will be the best phone in 2012.

    1. Only if they update their radio software.  HTC and Motorola are way ahead in that department.  I always had dropped calls on my galaxy s.

      1. Really? Never had drop outs from either of thr sgs and sgsII. Maybe your network?

        1. I have an HTC inspire and it gets way better service.

      2. So far my Galaxy Nexus is doing better than my Nexus One, call quality wise. Then again, I haven;t had it for that long yet, so maybe issues have still yet to arrive (let’s hope they don’t arrive, EVER!)

        1. Well hopefully Samsung fixed their radio software.  Maybe it was just the captivate that had problems.  But I had heard of people with other samsung brand phones having issues.

    2. Really, maybe the Nexus 4 will beat it?

      1. I’m not sure that the Galaxy Nexus is even better then the SGSII.  At least, once the SGSII gets ICS.

        1. ICS won’t give it a beautiful 4.65 inch 720p monster of a screen. But yes, if you care about GPU or microSD it’s got it’s own plusses.

          I also like being able to run ALREADY STABLE CM9 alphas… I’m sick of being on hardware with drivers developers can’t reverse-engineer. Sticking with the Nexus series from now on.

          1. That’s why I said I’m not sure.  The GSII already has a beautiful screen, although not true HD.  It’s give and take, with each device.

            Is there not a stable CM9 for the GSII?

          2. i find the gs 2 better it got a faster prcoessor both graphics and cpu (its not about gigahertz) it has 1 sub pixel per pixel galaxy nexus got 0.5

        2. The HD screen, the removal of the hardware buttons, the overal design and the fact that it get’s the latest android software first, makes it superior in my opinion. But I can see how for others the SGII would be better

    3. Fact: iPhone 5 will definitely have better hardware.

      now what?

      1. Run off in cry in a corner

        1. iphone 5 wont have better hardware just like iphone 4s hasnt better hardware than galaxy s 2

      2. Fact: 26% of the next iPhone will be from Samsung!!!!

        Now what?

    4. Everyone knows the best phone will be out this summer… the Sprint EVO 4G WiMAX LTE TOUCH SLIDER FLIP SLIDE

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  2. Hopefully Motorola will show off some badass GSM phone that is coming to America with LTE and 720p screen.  If not MWC will be a waste this year.

  3. 2012 is going to be a great year for smartphones.

    1. Just in time for “The end of the world”! :)

      1. at least with our 4G smartphones we can tweet about it in time :)

  4. Too bad it wont show up here until the end of the year like always.

  5. Samsung galaxy III will have a dual core xynos 2ghz processor with a 12 mp camera with a 2gb front facing camera..ultra thin with all day battery life.. and a crazy new feature that will blow our minds, I just can’t release that confidential information at this time..hehe, you heard it here first!

    1. yea sure… 2gb ffc

    2. It will get you a date with a piano teacher? /reddit

    3. Wrong! it wont get the dual core but an quad core (not the exynos 5250) maybe like a exynos 5270

  6. Can’t wait for Galaxy S III

  7. Each android manufacturer should be required to make at least one stock android device each year. Wouldn’t it be interesting if the next nexus was manufactured by different carriers. Samsung make the processor and screen, Motorola go to for radio hardware and durability, HTC for some design maybe beats, Sony with camera sensors , xenon flash.

    1. That’s one hell of a combination. :o

      1. That would Be an AWESOME combination

  8. looks like Samsung is holding off the GS3 to have it go head to head with the next Nexus device.

  9. Well, as long as the GSIII has the A15, it’ll be in my pocket. It’ll get to Canada sooner or later, I suppose.

  10. ICS has many flaws esp on nexus would not upgrade either too buggy

    1. Obviously never used a Galaxy Nexus. Nothing to see here…

  11. It’s amazing how many sales the galaxy nexus only being on Verizon has caused Android over the last 3 months.  I have money and want to buy a new phone but for T-Mobile there isn’t anything like the Galaxy Nexus. Yes there’s a $700 phone internationally but that’s not quite what I had in mind.  I want stock Android and if I can’t get that I’ll wait for the GS3 and then be disappointed with Google and write them off.  Come on Google and Samsung don’t let Verizon slow down the game. Now for Motorola, why no love for T-Mobile?  We’ve come so far but still so many opportunities lost.

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