Verizon refreshes HTC Rezound support documentation, update coming soon


Verizon has posted the changelog for a future update to the HTC Rezound, one which should not be mistaken with the Beats Audio handset’s eventual upgrade to Android 4.0. The over-the-air update brings the Rezound’s software to version 2.01.605.11 appears to be primarily a maintenance release focused on cleaning up bugs and tweaking performance, but will be appreciated by owners of the HTC smartphone nonetheless.

Changes coming soon to a Rezound near you include an updated signal strength meter, a fix for a WiFi-related screen timeout bug, and enhanced audio quality during phone calls. The update also improves Mobile Hotspot performance and cuts back on random phone resets.

With the support documentation already updated, chances are good Verizon will push this one relatively soon.

[Verizon via AndroidCentral]

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  1. I love my Rezound and I am sure this will make it even better… But RezRom 1.5 fixes most of the issues listed above.  ;)

  2. My hotspot is horribile connected to my tablet but connect to my 360 and not one issue.

  3. Anyone know if there is a fix to make the Dish Network sling app work?

  4. Looks like a new radio is included with this

  5. My phone is downloading right now!

  6. Decent update, took longer than I thought. Noticed that the key pad for the dialer had a small update as well. When you open the phone you can now collapse the key pad using the button on the bottom left.

    Tried the beats headphones and they are still producing a noise on the other line.

  7. Also added bloatware, vcast apps was added. :-P

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