RadioShack To Begin Offering 30-Day Peace Of Mind Price Matching Guarantee


RadioShack has been going the extra mile to prove themselves a formidable 3rd party wireless retailer and starting January 29th, the Shack will be kicking off their new “Mobile Low Price Guarantee” program. Just like you’ve probably guessed by now, RadioShack will price match any, and all, competitor advertised prices for any smartphone (in their store) up to 30 days from the time of purchase. That means you can impulse buy that new smartphone you’ve been eying for months and if you see the phone listed somewhere else for cheaper, RadioShack will refund you the difference. And that, my friends, is peace of mind.

[Via SprintFeed]

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  1. The problem with this is that most retail stores only consider competitors “local” competitors (Verizon Stores, Best Buy, etc…)

    Therefore Radioshack will probably not match say Amazon. Which usually gets the cheapest out of all of them when you have an upgrade.

    1. You are correct. The HUGE RED TEXT says “PRINTED”. Just how a lot of chain stores like target and walmart price match, but you have to have a physical AD printed. Sometimes a store will let you bring in an internet ad if it shows in-store pricing and some kind of dates.

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